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Breakthrough Obstacles and Be The Woman That Owns Her Worth

In 1998 I performed my first ever Entertainment Hypnosis show in a military bar on Camp Pendleton. I was given an opportunity to prove myself worthy by a sixty year old five-foot-two-ball-of-fire female bar manager.


"Tits and ass are what will bring my Marines into this bar on a Wednesday night", she said. I knew I had a decision to make. I could be offended or prove that I could deliver a legitimately phenomenol show beyond sex appeal. Marilyn Monroe said, "If I'd observed...

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How to Evoke Love and Loyalty with People

How to Breakthrough Disconnection and Evoke Love and Loyalty with People

Do you love on your customers, your company, your team, your family? And do they love you back? I discovered three ways that allowed me to nurture connection and embody the principles of what I teach inside my Coaching brand. Consider how these may help you grow a healthier culture with your people.

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1) Experiential Time Together

I gathered with about a dozen of my beloved clients in South...

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