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Live Your Most Expanded Life by Using This One Phenomenal Word As Your Guiding Principal


I recall working with a particular client in our coaching sessions. In Hypnosis she would see herself a certain way; full of life, creating, playing with her grandkids, traveling to Italy. She’d say, “I see myself with so much vitality!” That word, vitality,  painted her vision and it got her going, living out what she sees as her best life. 

Let’s explore the word Vitality, derived from the Latin word vita, meaning life. The capacity to live, grow,...

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Do Your Beliefs Match Your Goals? Or, Are They Holding You Back?


Have you ever said?  "It's just how I do things." or "It's just who I am." 

Self Acceptance is vital. Yet, what I'm suggesting is to be in a mindset of continual self-improvement.  In my work, its common practice to assist a client in breaking through a mental block. 

Often our mental blocks, aka subconscious setpoints are rooted in the beliefs created from childhood adversities and survival mode, as well as some others we've formed along the way. 


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