Live Your Most Expanded Life by Using This One Phenomenal Word As Your Guiding Principal

belief Oct 01, 2020

I recall working with a particular client in our coaching sessions. In Hypnosis she would see herself a certain way; full of life, creating, playing with her grandkids, traveling to Italy. She’d say, “I see myself with so much vitality!” That word, vitality,  painted her vision and it got her going, living out what she sees as her best life. 

Let’s explore the word Vitality, derived from the Latin word vita, meaning life. The capacity to live, grow, develop. 

  •   Vital: indispensable to the continuance of life.
  •   Vital: absolutely necessary or important; essential.
  •   Vitality: the state of being strong and active; energy.
  •   Vitality: the power giving continuance of life, present in all living things

The focus of Vitality really should be our ONE guiding human principal. To have life in our life! After all, what would our life be without life? Imagine money with no purpose beyond survival, relationships with no growth, your body with no energy or hobbies with no improvement.  Without vitality life would be a series of low energy moments, missed opportunities, disappointment, and regrets. 

No growth, no life. 

Living a Vital Life is you harnessing the energy of growth. It’s a choice, an ongoing pursuit, an exploration of honoring your truths, and what brings meaning to your life. One of my fun clients calls this “living her badass life”, another says, “it’s about exploring my full potential”. I like to think of it as living on my own terms despite life’s terms.

This vital life is for you to create and it has one specific distinction, that is, living vitally despite the circumstances around you. Growing valiantly stronger in the midst of vulnerability is the solution. You can never truly know what outside forces will intersect with your inside forces, but you can know yourself so well that you’re cued up and ready to learn from any situation. This may look like listening instead of talking. Apologizing when necessary and letting go of the need to be right. It looks like making a new choice for your financial fitness or staying diligent and disciplined in your hobbies. It could be recognizing your victimhood and making strives for change. Joy, peace and confidence are gifts of growth. 

Relationships, Money, Health are all categories that deserve our attention. Now, hear me. I am writing this article because I so adamantly believe in this concept. I also need to hear it a hundred times and practice it a thousand times. It is a concept I value and am challenged within my own life. I have felt low. I have felt lost. I have felt victimized. Even powerless. I've had disordered eating and relationship issues too.  I have heard myself say (in my head),  Why do I have to deal with this? Yet, I research, I practice, I study and apply because I know it is the very thing that pulls me up from the behaviors and reactions that are not of my highest self. And therefore I declare to live vitally. Life will demand of you to make deliberate, mindful decisions. Let go of the past by courageously meeting up with your darkness. Open up imprisoned ideas about yourself that your ego has created to protect you. Go for goals that don’t just serve yourself but raise the bar for everyone around you. Live in true abundance.

My first love in this idea of living a vital life was born from watching my Grandmother as a child. She would wake up and jog joyfully in her living room at the age of 93. I’d wonder, what is she motivated by? Each month she would gleefully write checks to charity. Did she not fear running out? Irene was generous by helping her children and grandchildren get established in life too. Is that a dream of yours? Her gracious style and heart-warming presence was a joy to be around. She had also suffered a great loss yet through the despair found healing and light to ascend to. Traveling the world was something she did often. Her passports are stamped Paris, Dubai, Egypt, Dehli, New Zealand, and Santiago, Chile all in one whirlwind trip! She truly embodied living a vital life. Healthy, wealthy, gracious. She was not born that way. From the stories she shared, her childhood home had a sod roof and a mud floor. In rural Oklahoma, castles and pyramids were found only in the spark of imagination.

Imagination is where we must go.

Imagine your body, mind, spiritual life, finances, and relationships all vitally alive. You are expressing yourself and using your growth, talents, and abilities to live in vitality each and every day. You are making purposeful choices to invest your time in what brings you joy. Even within the hard work you operate off the magic of willingness knowing your work is fulfilling, your relationships connected and financially you are prosperous.

Do this Quick Kinesthetic Exercise:

1)  Raise your hand and hold up your fingers forming the peace sign. Do it now.

2)  Notice! What is often associated as the peace sign is also a V.

3)  Associate this V with the word VITAL

Now, because I know you care about your health, wealth, and happiness and your ability to love and be loved, hold that V up loud and proud and declare to live a VITAL life. Spark your imagination to envision what that could entail for you. Be curious, explorative, and willing.

To go after your dreams and live inside your best life, you must not wait for someone else to give you the green light. You must embrace life, struggles, detours, triumphs, and all. Use the tools that God, nature, and humanity have provided you. It all works together as one fabulous unity. The abundance you need is already around you and it is your choice and opportunity to see it, pull it in, and use it. There are thousands and thousands of people living in this vital life state. They have figured out one vital thing. Success is a system. To live your vital life, you must choose goals that test you, grow you, and utilize your talents and abilities. Goals that will cause you to change, demand from you discipline and teach you how to manage your mind and emotions.

Your trusting life, is you trusting that what you are experience is all for you. 

Do This Challenge: 

In what areas of your life will you dare create more vitality? What do you want to bring to life? 





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