Hey Brilliant Business Women, You Can Take Control of Your Weight

business health mindset Aug 31, 2019

Women are breaking out and breaking through. It’s exciting and you are one of them! Feeling good in your body is an important aspect of the business journey and you’ve got a nagging voice in the back of your head that is urging you to pay more attention to your health.

Why is business so separate from health? 

The way mind body practices are presented in American culture are peculiar to me.  The Yoga-esque and new agey groups encourage us to be one with our mind and body. Google it and you’ll find thousands of articles written from the spiritual, Buddhists and metaphysical groups on how to be more connected to your body. As if we aren't?

Here’s an overtly obvious truth bomb. Your mind has been inside your body since birth. This is not new news, a belief system, or spiritual. It is fact. Doesn’t it kind of make you laugh? I mean, H-e-l-l-o? It’s how you’ve been doing every task, project, communication, relationship of your work and life. There is no other way to BE but connected to your own mind and body. 

Unfortunately many operate as if their mind and body are separate entities. For instance, how are you spending your mind-time? Are you creating business opportunities, networking, marketing your product or service? And, Let's get honest right here. Are you doing this amazing business building in an out-of-tune body that is trying to keep up with the demanding pace? Truth be told you may be exhausted at times. Run ragged. As much as you’d like to think you’re compartmentalizing well, it shows up the opposite. 

If you spend a ton of mind-time in your work, you can bet you are simultaneously decreasing your bodies health. You can not put massive effort in one area of your life and think it’s not affecting you. There is no denying, if you’re health and fitness are lacking, you’re probably not giving your absolute best to your business either. You may be like a bucket, continually pouring water in, but there’s holes seeping the water out as fast as it goes in. Draining.

A good portion of American women, 60% in fact are overweight or obese. The workforce and entrepreneurial normal is either lots of sitting or running from meeting to meeting and unconsciously holding anxiety. Meanwhile turning to un-beneficial foods (and alcohol) to cope or unwind. 

One day you may wake up and realize you gained 30lbs (as if it was overnight), your stress levels are off the charts and you wonder...what happened?

Once you realize it, the first thing you might say is…”I need better balance in my life.” You’re right. You do. Yet, if the balance you've been choosing is watching Netflix to relax on the weekend, having wine with friends, sitting, reading, etc. it may not be the optimal choice. Although it's great to give your mind rest with those low-level activities, you’re not giving your mind and body the opportunity to truly be your best. 

How you do anything is how you do everything. It’s time for a mindset supercharge. The Change Up Your Work Life Challenge is a peak performance curriculum with protocols designed to help busy professionals tap into their inner self-trust so they can make healthy lifestyle decisions from a place of true knowingness.

I created it because I kept seeing women reach externally for coping mechanisms.  Work fulfills you but yet you're out of balance. Workaholic tendencies, food, online shopping, vaping, alcohol, and more are needed to keep the pace. Although these coping strategies may soothe you temporarily, it's not long lasting. And if you do keep up those habits, you could end up sick, overworked, stressed, overwhelmed or lonely. Not a solid long-term strategy.

You’re smart. You know when you’re out of whack, yet you’re often so busy you just ignore the signals and keep using the coping mechanisms as your pattern. You will implode at some point. But you don’t have to. Do something different. You need a daily practicum that will keep you heart-centered and body-connected so you can manage your life and business optimally. 

Consider that your goal should be to meet your needs in all facets. How you lead your business life is how you’ll lead your personal life. You can be your healthiest in mind, body, business and bank account too. To do that requires an inner design that is absolutely yours and fits your unique situation and goals. Not a guru’s blueprint for success but yours. In my HypnoCoaching, my F.I.T. METHOD is presented as a framework for you to fill in and make those personal leadership decisions that are right for your life. 

Here are three vitally important soft skills to manage your mind-body health as you continue to push your business to higher levels of success.  

1) Boundaries Around Your Fitness: 

Learn how to include regular exercise without stealing from your time. Put boundaries around it or it will easily slip to the bottom of the list. The exercise I’m asking you to take is not foremost to fit into your favorite outfit hidden in the back of your closet. That will be an extra bonus! But exercise is for building a positive mental state. Science has proven, regular exercise clears brain fog, helps release cortisol stress hormones and increases dopamine and other feel good hormones. Think about how important all those things are to your mental clarity and confidence. 

2) Handle Pressure Positively: 

The more you work to uplevel your career success, the more pressure you’ll be faced with to handle demands on your time, money decisions, team delegation and more. You must learn to take control or the outside pressures will control you, and you’ll feel stressed to the nth degree. Where you may have turned to food for relief in the past, you’ll now be integrating neuroscience tools (The F.I.T Session System) as a daily practicum to tap into your subconscious alpha-theta brain waves where you have zero percent self doubt, revitalization through deep relaxation and tap into creative resources.   

3) Manage Your Self-Trust

Check in with yourself more regularly. It’s your job to lead your mind. You may go into overthinking mode or monkey mind when you are either unclear about decisions or have too many decisions to make. Based on patterns of the past, you may also have the need to break free of food or alcohol habits that you once used as a coping strategy. You can implement the FREEDOM MODEL, a quick and simple mindfulness exercise designed to interrupt patterns and empower your internal leadership skills. 

How you do anything is how you do everything. Improving your mind-body health dramatically influences your career confidence and energy. Consider joining me in the upcoming Change Up Your Work- Life Challenge. It is a 12 week incubator for internalizing goals and building ONE AMAZING HABIT, along with supportive healthy lifestyle and mindset habits you can take to work with you. I offer both a group experience and a one on one option for those desiring a personalized approach. 

Contact De'Anna Nunez at [email protected] to register or learn more. 619-993-9855 or book your private complimentary consultation valued at $198 here https://calendly.com/vitalmind/meet-with-deanna 


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