"I invite you to be confident and free of past patterns. You can live in a body you love and design a life you're proud of. "


Mind Body FIT Club Membership

Be FIT for Life!

MIND BODY FIT is our on-going weekly member-group for women who want to lead their health and overall life with more confidence and an abundant-mindset.

Join our tribe to...

Uplevel, create connection, receive support and experience the camaraderie MIND BODY FIT CLUB is famous for!

Every Monday evening online (replay always available). Membership.

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De'Anna's Signature Weight Loss & Personal Growth Program

You can start this program now. Waiting for you just on the other side is an incredible full course designed to help you release weight and emotional burdens, negative unconscious patterns and self doubt!

De'Anna guides you via video and all the tools you'll need to have the motivation and inspiration to live in a lighter, healthier body going after a bigger vision for your life. 

Registering for this program qualifies you as a MIND BODY FIT CLUB MEMBER and enables you to receive 3 months of membership FREE.

Lifetime Access!

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Join us for a 90 minute Master Class!

In this online Master class,  you will become more confident, supercharged and excited about the life you are creating!

De'Anna guides you with her expertise in High Performance Hypnosis.

Her research and study brings together peak performance, Hypnotherapy, emotional EQ, Humanistic Neurolinguistic Pscyhology and Behavior sciences. 

Get ready to be guided through a powerful group F.I.T. session where you'll breakthrough subconscious blocks and be on your way to a healthier life with more confidence. 

$125.00 Master Class Workshop

(MBF Members receive all courses and workshops as a bonus)

*120 minute class 


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Private HypnoCoaching with De'Anna

Invest in yourself and experience the magic of De'Anna's expertise as you team with her to reach your health and business goals faster and more effectively. Includes weekly private Breakthrough sessions and HypnoCoaching.


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