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Transform Your Life with De'Anna Nunez

Welcome to a transformative journey. At De'Anna Nunez Hypnosis,¬† we understand that your challenges are not just mental or emotional‚ÄĒthey impact every aspect of your life, including your physical health.

The Real Cost of Unaddressed Emotional and Mental Health

Research consistently shows that stress and anxiety do not merely affect your mental state; they have tangible, detrimental effects on your physical health.

The American Psychological Association highlights that chronic stress can lead to severe health problems such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and a weakened immune system. Additionally, stress and anxiety can exacerbate or lead to digestive disorders, sleep disturbances, and a host of other physical ailments. 

Our approach is centered on managing these symptoms and understanding and treating the root causes of your emotional and mental challenges. De'Anna helps you achieve a balanced and healthier lifestyle by addressing these underlying issues.

Our Services: Designed with Your Growth in Mind

We specialize in Heart Centered Performance models and Accelerated Breakthrough Programs, De'Anna has designed from years of experience in this field. These proprietary and unique frameworks are tailored to help you:

  • Reveal: Uncover the subconscious fears and beliefs that hold you back.
  • Release: Let go of past traumas and emotional blocks using proven hypnotherapeutic techniques.
  • Reprogram: Implant positive, self-affirming beliefs that lead to healthier behaviors and emotional responses.

Our hypnotherapy methods are particularly effective, with research showing hypnosis can significantly reduce anxiety, improve stress management, and lead to better overall health outcomes.

Tailored for Women and Men: A Balanced Approach to Wellness

Understanding that our clientele consists of 60% women and 40% men, we've designed our services to cater to the unique emotional and physiological needs of both genders. Women often face significant stressors related to personal and professional life balance, societal expectations, and hormonal changes, which can all be effectively managed through our customized hypnotherapy programs. Men, who might traditionally neglect emotional wellness, find a discreet and supportive environment to explore and enhance their emotional intelligence, thereby reducing stress and its physical repercussions.

Why Choose De'Anna

  • Expertise and Empathy: With years of specialized experience in emotional intelligence and regulation, our practice offers a deeply empathetic and scientifically backed approach to your wellness.
  • Proven Methods: Our Heart Centered Performance and Accelerated Breakthrough Programs are not only rooted in traditional hypnotherapy wisdom but are also aligned with the latest research in psychological health.
  • Comprehensive Care: We look at the whole person, not just the symptoms, ensuring that your journey to wellness is holistic and transformative.

Join Us and Transform Your Life

Are you ready to overcome the emotional barriers that prevent you from living your fullest life? Are you prepared to improve not just your mental health but your physical health too? Join us for sessions online or in our Del Mar office, where your journey to a balanced and fulfilling life begins. Start by booking a consultation and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you.

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Experience the power of Strengths Based Hypnotherapy and start your journey to wellness now. Your mind, body, and future self will thank you.


 "The work I have done with De'Anna has been transformative."


Meet Heidi, an Attorney and Mom from Southern California. 

 "I have been working privately with De'Anna for nearly a year using hypnosis and other goal-oriented therapies. The work I have done with De'Anna has been transformative. She is highly skilled, intuitive, compassionate and I not only genuinely look forward to our sessions, but I come out feeling invigorated, hopeful and empowered."

Reveal, Release and Reprogram

All too often, you bury things deep down and time moves on. But the problem is, the subconscious is still influencing your current decisions. You get emotionally triggered and wonder how you wound up at the same place. 

Heidi says, "The subconscious mind can sabotage so much of the hard work we do consciously that it is imperative to true growth and healing to work at that deeper level. And for a hard core left-brained pragmatist like me, it has taken consistency, patience and trust in my coach, which De'Anna engenders easily and genuinely."

"Her commitment to and connection with her clients and passion for helping them be their best selves is unlike any professional I have worked with." 

The Accelerated Breakthrough Programs

 3 Programs to Choose From Online or In Person in Del Mar, CA




This program is the #1 most popular flagship program. 

  • (10) Ten- in depth, breakthrough 90 minute Coaching/ Hypnotherapy sessions with De'Anna
  • Hypnosis Audio's for reinforcement PLUS a customized audio
  • Heal and release underlying emotional holds causing anxiety¬†
  • Experience freedom, internal calm and true growth as you claim a state of Respons-Ability.¬†¬†

 Value: $6,000.00 plus

Your Investment: $3997.00

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 In-depth personal development coaching.

  • (36) Thirty six breakthrough Coaching / Hypnotherapy sessions with De'Anna (3 monthly for 1 year)
  • Hypnosis audios for reinforcement¬†
  • Heal and release underlying emotional holds
  • Develop powerful¬†self leadership habits
  • Build self worth
  • Self esteem

 Value: $15,998.00

Your Investment: $1250.00 monthly

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This program is ideal for the person looking for a  boost to their personal success. 

  • (3) Three- in depth, breakthrough 90 minute Coaching / Hypnotherapy sessions with De'Anna¬†
  • De'Anna's Hypnosis Audios for reinforcement
  • Ideal for those wanting to overcome a phobia or negative habit that steals freedom.¬†

Value: $1394.00

Your Investment: $1197.00

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Book a Discovery Call 

(valued at $150) Complimentary to You, to Learn if My Process is a Fit for Your Growth Goals.


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Bonnie says, "De'Anna Nunez is an extraordinary and rare human that I have had the great fortune and honor of working with for the last two years. Her compassion, encouragement, wisdom and honesty were the absolute perfect combination. She helped me discover my true version of courage. She helped me reveal my thoughts which therein lied my true power. De'Anna is a woman who walks the walk and goes way beyond the norm.

The Bonus Results You Receive 


Yes, I lost twenty pounds and no longer am I plagued by food addiction. But far superior to this is the newfound love and admiration I now feel for myself. The confidence and hope I was sure I would never experience are now within my reach daily. I no longer see myself or introduce myself as an eating disordered person. I am a woman empowered by life.

Wherever you are on your journey, please let this amazing woman into your life. I can guarantee you she will enhance it. I am forever grateful."

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I am free of the past


The private sessions I signed up for made a HUGE difference in my life. I am free of the past, the injured me, the expectations I put on myself, the future I thought I had,,, free of bitterness. I am free to accept myself as I am with no expectations to please others for some unreasonable effort to complete some "task: left to me after my mother passed away. It was worth every minute and I am appreciative... very thankful the opportunity to move forward w ith "DeAnna NUnez" help.

De’Anna is the real deal! She lives what she preaches! 


De’Anna literally helped me gain perspectives on all these areas of my life! I was stuck on why I couldn’t get healthy. She gave me the necessary tools I needed for my breakthroughs! So far 17.7 lbs healthier and looking forward to more! Love this gal for saving my life!!"

-Martha Munoz, Medical Recruiter

De'Anna Nunez has developed a signature process. Her methods breakthrough underlying pain, fear or anxiety and get you to your growth goals more rapidly. 



Meet Jaylene,

she released 105 lbs in 13 months


"She was a vessel that was used to free me."

-Donna S.C

I denied  that my weight issues were anything but "I like  to eat, My family loves to eat, that's our  social time" etc.   

I was back and forth, cheering from sidelines. I made a decision  to sign up with De'Anna for a privately coached training, which in turn changed my life forever.

I had carried a burden with me  for the past 38 years alone, which  was my "WHY" of everating and punishing myself. In an emotional session I released my burden and I realized that I was a good person, after all.

De'Anna guided me through this internal talk utilizing Hypnotherapy.

I heard her talking, but it was my life and me walking that walk, giving my "WHY" a face and a story, releasing the courage to make a decision and jump off that cliff to finally free myself of my guilt.

She was a vessel that was used to free me, and for that, I'll be eternally grateful. I have a  long way to go with my weight, but I know am acknowledging that I am a success already!


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I have improved my health habits by 75% and am making better choices...


DeAnna's coaching has made a big difference, I have improved by 75%!

I am now making better choices and following through.

I am more motivated and it has kept me on track to eat healthier, exercise regularly and stay focused.

On a deeper level, I have learned that food is not going to fill me up with love . Before I would eat to fill myself up emotionally. I am realizing now that I've got to take care of myself.

I am now changing my reward; where it was once overeating, it's now a yoga class, an enjoyable walk or time with friends. I used to put myself last on the list. Instead of caring for everyone else, I am caring for myself now.

Five Star¬†ūüĆü Testimonials

Seeing yourself in other people's stories is powerful. It's the start of new actions for your life. 

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