Do Your Beliefs Match Your Goals? Or, Are They Holding You Back?

belief Jan 11, 2020

Have you ever said?  "It's just how I do things." or "It's just who I am." 

Self Acceptance is vital. Yet, what I'm suggesting is to be in a mindset of continual self-improvement.  In my work, its common practice to assist a client in breaking through a mental block. 

Often our mental blocks, aka subconscious setpoints are rooted in the beliefs created from childhood adversities and survival mode, as well as some others we've formed along the way. 

Exploring why you have the BELIEFS you have is an important step to growth. 

What if your current beliefs are outdated? What if they're your parent's beliefs and not yours? Or, you're operating from a scarcity mindset or survival mode? 

What if your beliefs have cultural bias? "Black people don't go camping". Did you see Oprah talk about that belief and then take her team fly-fishing to prove that African-Americans can go camping? There could be fun you're missing out on. 

How about the funny story where the multi-generation of women always cut off the edges of the ham for apparently no reason at all? The granddaughter said, "I do it because my Mom showed me that you did it that way." The Mom said, "That's how my Mother taught me." When they asked the Grandmother, she said, "It wouldn't fit in the pan I had, so I had to cut off the ends." 


We follow our mental orders and believe we need to think, act or do things the way we've always done them and it's often not true. 

That is why I appreciate Hypnosis. It is a neuroscience tool that allows you to communicate with your subconscious mind and make the simple, necessary changes to assure improved habits, increased confidence and a stronger connection to fulfilling your true potential. 

That whispering voice of self doubt that speaks in your mind is silenced when in a state of Hypnosis. Seriously. How often does that voice shut up? If you have experienced Hypnosis, you know it's true and that's why you see results. If you haven't experienced it, I invite you to try it! 


When's the last time you questioned your beliefs? Perhaps there's that part of you that seems hard-wired with the way you do things and it's challenging to break that mold when you know it needs to change. 

What if your relationships grew stronger just by you opening up more? 

Imagine you dropping that extra weight, all because you are willing to see yourself another way?

Or, you end up creating that next level in your career or business because you finally allowed yourself to believe in a bigger dream? 

This very simple 'thinking habits' technique suggested in the video can be the SHIFT you need. You do want to live your most fulfilled, expansive, adventurous life, yes?

Here's How You Can Start: 

  • Create a daily OBSERVANT mindset 

Don't be so quick to judge. Instead, observe yourself and those automatic 'go-to' thoughts. Resist the urge to fall into old belief traps and just observe. 

  • Cease the AWARENESS moment 

The most powerful moment in time is now. In that 'now moment' decide to shift your belief. 

  • Create the SHIFT by DEVELOPING a new story or belief right then and there.

Use Hypnosis, a journal, go for a walk in nature or create a meditational moment to infuse your new belief. This is best achieved through creativity. Einstein said, "We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them."

Practice this process and consider working with me to experience Hypnosis further. I want to be your growth partner. As an expert in the area of the mind, I know that you already have the power to BELIEVE.

Imagine if you fully directed that power toward your goals this year? 

Click here, Invest 1 MINUTE in this Goal Clarification assessment and I'll send you a Goal Getters Guide that will get you on your way and keep you looped in to all the wonderful opportunities I have to support your growth. 

To your best life, 

De'Anna Nunez is an International Speaker, Hypnotist and Growth Coach working with professionals and all those desiring next-level growth to break through mental blocks and live a healthy, fulfilled life. Work with De'Anna


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