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De'Anna "bring the Joy" Nunez is a seasoned Professional Hypnotist, Certified HNLP Practicioner, and Author who values championing others. She works with teams and individuals teaching her proprietary VitalMind Training System, a Heart Centered Peak Performance framework that helps professionals develop vital, subconscious habits and beliefs at a core level. De'Anna is the triple threat of Hypnosis professionals having contracted over 1,000 Speaking and Edutainment presentations, appeared on CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC affiliates and the CW Network media, and conducted hundreds of private individual sessions. It is her diverse experience that has garnered her a unique understanding of the mind and human behavior. De'Anna's past clients include Fortune 500 companies, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Knottā€™s Berry Farm, and large organization events. She credits a passion for transformation as the powerful driver in her life and business; knowing personally she wouldn't have made it past twenty if she hadn't made subconscious changes at that core level. Her favorite life accomplishments are fostering her children and clients dreams, running ultra-marathons, and contracting with the US Marine Corps at bases in America, Japan and Korea.

#1 Best Selling Author 

De'Anna Nunez is a #1 Best Selling CoAuthor and Author of five books on Subconscious Repgoramming for optimal Health and Business.
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Are you carrying stuff around in your mind that causes you to get off track, loop or sabotage?

Time to get aligned in these Covid times.

Reveal, Release and Recode is my Heart Centered High Performance proprietary process that frees you from unnecessary mental looping, anxiety and carrying emotional burdens.

Are you eager to courageously let go of what's holding you back?

Imagine waking up each day:

  • Optimistic

  • Focused and Energetic

  • Clear of inner conflict

  • Confident

  • Productive

You know with certainty you are on your chosen path. Your body is in optimal health,  your mind is focused on the good and your emotions fuel your creative spirit. You are truly creating your best life daily. 

I invite you to get started.

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"Your mind and heart are the most valuable assets you have to invest in people and projects that make your life fulfilling."

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