The Bridge to Confidence is the Courage to Make an Internal change.




 Success is a Result of Courage to Make a Change





The Goal is Greater Success

The PROBLEM IS... stress, anxiety, avoidance or fear gets in your way. 

I help women business professionals (and their families) build a strong foundation for the mental performance and emotional care they need to reach their health, money and relationship goals. 

As a result of working with me you will clear mental blocks that are in the way of your Unique Vision and implement a Powerful Self-Leadership routine that's consistent, so you can stay out of anxiety and in your flow.

By doing this internal growth-work, you will show up to your business and life confidently, in a state of 100% self belief, as your most authentic and vibrant self. 

I Can Help

Activate Your Subconscious Power

Mind Body F.I.T. Life invites you to Focus, Inward, and Target the subconscious mind for incredible, positive change. 

"I've been actively reading and writing in this book and it's working wonders."

-Brittany Pittser

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Dr. Richard Nongard

International Council of Board Certified Hypnotists Associate  President


De'Anna Nunez hit it out of the ballpark as the featured speaker on our opening day. She is the speaker to bring when you want an energetic, interactive, and transformational experience for your group. That is exactly what she delivered for our annual convention!"


What others are saying...




" De'Anna is someone I feel everyone needs to know about and the results of working with her warrant my highest recommendation. Her hypnosis and wise counsel have been instrumental  in my transition out of the Marines."

De'Anna's Contracted with Top National and International Brands


"I came to her to help me with a two foot putt and my whole life changed.

I was trapped by my own mind, everything I looked at was with anxiety, now everything is with possibility. All of this happened in a short period of time. I'm a smart guy, yet she helped me recognize that I was thinking with irrational thoughts. The turn around happened so fast. I'm amazed that I had as many meaningful breakthroughs that I have. As a result, I qualified for the Senior U.S. Open last year and have the confidence to play a summer tournament schedule.

Terry Walsh, Golf Professional

"The visual in my head was that I'm here and I have this big wall and I didn't know how to break it down, crawl over it, get around it to the other side. That's what you helped me do. The sessions changed me and after each session it felt like a new day."

- Jennifer Quinlan
Actor, Model, Advocate against Domestic Violence