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You have incredible goals and aspirations. You're successful. But, it's that one part of your life that you keep thinking about and not making a change...

 Now this doesn't mean your life is falling apart but it does mean you're wasting vital time living in disempowered emotions doing disempowered things, which is horribly frustrating and keeps you feeling stuck. 

Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors That Block Your Progress

 So many times, people think if they could just change their habits, they'd have the happiness and confidence they're looking for. Certainly, I help with that, because habit development is not as easy as it seems. But, what you really need is a shift in your thinking at the subconscious level, at the core of your psyche so you can have lasting behavior change. 

 It's the underlying internal question of What if I can't do it? What if I just keep failing in this one area?

That is the inner conflict that you actually need help with. And, the good news is, I have a solution that is entirely different from years of therapy. 

In a safe space, we reveal the core issues. I then strategically guide you, using my signature form of Hypnosis. You and I build trust. 

With my ACCELERATED BREAKTHROUGH SYSTEM you can Reveal - Release and Reprogram. I seed new thoughts, feelings and actions that deliberately disrupt your subconscious patterns to create change rapidly

Reveal the Blocks

In our sessions, I use my proven success frameworks to help us get wonderfully specific on where you want to grow and the current issues we need to address that are blocking you. 

Then we proceed into Hypnosis very strategically.

When hypnotized, part of the brain goes quiet, while other parts light up with new neuropathways. Although it feels meditative and magical, there's science behind it.

The Science

While in Hypnosis there's a decrease in brain activity in the dorsal anterior cingulate, the analytical part of your brain.

This means you're not overanalyzing and getting in your way when you're Hypnotized; which is very different from other forms of talk therapy or change modalities.

You are so absorbed that you're not thinking about anything else; you are receiving the new ideas, thoughts and feelings that open up new neuropathways in your brain. 


When you're in Hypnosis with me, you have an increased connection to brain-body communication. It is in this space that my developed style, High Performance Hypnosis, provides you a deep sense of calm while Hypnotic suggestions are communicated with your subconscious. 


 My process for change has been shaped and curated with a triad of goals.

Healing. Growth. Optimal Performance.

With healing comes a sense of relief. Your mind is at peace.

That growth produces happiness, emotional freedom, and the ability to think clearly and create more abundance in your life.

 It's much easier to let go of the past when you are no longer in conflict with yourself. 

I developed High-Performance Hypnosis  so you can heal, grow and thrive so you can have access to your power, freedom and emotional resilience.

Now, imagine that you can be successful this time. You've tried everything, but this time its different. You've cleared the blocks and made incredible progress from our working together. You're in alignment with who you really are inside, feeling happy and confident and free. NO more internal conflicts.

You're at peace with yourself and feel on top of the world. Now peace is not something you may be consciously desiring, but when you think about the inner conflict you've been carrying, peace clears the way for possibility. 

What possibilities exist now?

Imagine what you are doing because of this meaningful inner change? Notice how you take exquisite care of yourself? Imagine the confidence you feel. 

You deserve that.   

You've made excuses or delayed progress because perhaps you didn't have the right tools. But now you do...

You want to heal and grow so you can live in happiness, peace of mind and the feeling that you've accomplished what you want to in life. 

You know WHY you want to breakfree.

I know how to get you there.  

Are you ready to grow exponentially?

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Activate Your Subconscious Power

Mind Body F.I.T. Life invites you to Focus, Inward, and Target the subconscious mind for incredible, positive change. 

"I've been actively reading and writing in this book and it's working wonders."

-Brittany Pittser

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In a recent Forbes article, Entrepreneurs are particularly vulnerable to mental health challenges, and 88.1% of business professionals across industries report stress as being a problem in their mental health. 

Let's Change That. 

Currently Serving Business Owners and Business Professionals

Because of my results driven work, many of my clients refer their children and family, colleagues and friends. 

Jim P. 

"After having several sessions with DeAnna in her Breakthrough Program my outlook with my life has completely changed for the better. Looking at life is more positive than ever before. I have a better relationship with my Son and truly have a strong and health relationship with the women that I'm with. Thank you DeAnna for much deserved posited life style. I will always be grateful!"

Sara B.

"Life changing. 
Yep, those words would describe my amazing experience with De’Anna Nunez and the incredible, in depth, 1:1 work I did with her. I became aware of myself in a multi-faceted way and learned different tools to conquer my deep subconscious patterns. If you have ever wondered about how to achieve your next level, personally and/or professionally; simply want to better yourself for you and your loved ones; lose weight AND keep it off; or find your happiness and true North? Stop now. No need to wonder anymore. You are important and deserve every reason to give yourself this opportunity.
You’re welcome, in advance."

Carole Hoffer

"DeAnna leverages motivation and subconscious learning, with awesome community-support to meet your personal or professional goals. She and her programs are incredible shifts to our self-imposed paradigm! She is my absolute fav Guru with mad behavioral mod hacks. Love, love, love her!"