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With over twenty years experience in all facets of Hypnosis and growth-work, I've developed signature methods to expand your mindset and help you conquer your most epic life and business goals. 

Imagine waking up each day optimistic, focused and energetic, clear of inner conflict. You know with certainty you are on your chosen path. Your body is in optimal health,  your mind is clear and your emotions fuel your creative spirit. You are truly creating your best life daily. 

This work is often described as the awakened power behind powerful individuals. Working with me is joyful and incredibly meaningful. Together we are sure to create transformational growth.

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Meet Your Coach De'Anna Nunez

De'Anna Nunez is a seasoned Professional Hypnotist, Coach, and Author who values championing others. She works with teams and individuals on VitalMind Training, a proprietary peak performance model that facilitates powerful personal and professional growth. She believes with the right mindset and habits you can live in your highest vision. De'Anna has a diverse background in Hypnosis. She's appeared on CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC affiliates and the CW Network nationwide. With over 1,000 contracted Speaking presentations in her portfolio, she’s commanded the stage sharing High-Performance Hypnosis with Fortune 500 companies, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Knott’s Berry Farm, and large organization events. She credits family values and a love for human performance for being the powerful driver in her coaching business. Her favorite accomplishments are running ultra-marathons, fostering her children's dreams and contracting with the US Marine Corps at bases in America, Japan and Korea.

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Weight loss, Stress Relief, Confidence, Money Mindset, Goal Focus, Stop Smoking and more. 

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Private Coaching in person and online, group coaching, Hypnosis sessions and more. 

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Utilize this 3 step breakthrough guide to stop struggling and shift your mindset to goals that fulfill your life. This comprehensive 30+ page ebook is FREE to you as my gift. 

#1 Best Selling Author & Co-Author

De'Anna Nunez is a #1 Best Selling CoAuthor and Author of five books on Mindset for optimal Health and Business. Having overcome years of her own food-binging-issues and watching her mother pass away from poor self care, De'Anna is deeply motivated to help others be healthier in mind and body so you can show up to work and life as your best self. 
  • Selling with Synchronicity: 7 Shifts to Make Selling Fun & Easy
  • Burn Your Fat Pants: How to Ditch Diets, Lose Weight and Love yourself More
  • It's Not About the Food: Personal Stories and Inspiration from Health Coaches
  • The MIND BODY F.I.T. LIFE:  Activate Your Subconscious for self belief, emotional eating, and embodying a healthy mindset
  • 10 Things You Must Know to Release Weight and Never See It Again


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"Your mind and heart are the most powerful assets you have. Are you using them to create your best life?"

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