On a Mission to Change Lives

Through this incredible growth-work you are guided to become the best version of you so you can lead yourself with courage and confidence to live and work at your highest potential.

Are you handling  yourself in the best way possible?

It's likely that in some moments, even as successful as you are, your insecurities, anxieties and fears lead your behaviors, even trigger you, and it's preventing you from growing and being your best. Let's change that. 

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De'Anna works with business owners, executives, leaders, athletes and every-day driven people to powerfully support their exponential growth with her Accelerated Breakthrough Programs.

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As a motivational speaker and leadership trainer, De'Anna's expertise in subconscious transformation delivers unbelievable experiences for learners to grow into Courageous Self Leadership.

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My job is to reinforce the thoughts, feelings and actions of your most empowered self at a subconscious level so you can lead with calm confidence and true power.

-De'Anna Nunez

De'Anna works with organizations, teams and individuals.


As a Self Leadership Executive Coach and Founder of Strengths Based Hypnosis, De'Anna is on a mission to empower beneficial change. Her background as a Board-Certified Professional Hypnotist makes her a muse for leaders that limit themselves with overthinking, anxiety and fear. The United States Marines Corps has contracted with De’Anna to tour bases throughout America and Asia, and Norwegian Cruise Line, Mercury Insurance, and Keller Williams teams have utilized De’Anna’s expertise to train on the power of the mind and human behavior. Having hypnotized well over 10,000 people, she can attest, each secretly struggled with inner self. De'Anna's heart-centered performance style drives results for managers and leaders who have succeeded despite their own internal anxieties, bringing a new wave of well being and success to their life, business and leadership.

On A Mission To Change Lives


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