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De'Anna Nunez, Professional Hypnotist & Trainer

Mindset Breakthroughs

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Educational and Entertaining

De'Anna Nunez is one of America's leading interactive-learning edutainers. Having successfully contracted over 1,000+ presentations and rocked the stage for Fortune 500 companies, The U.S. Marine Corps, Norwegian Cruise Lines and large organization events such as the National Boy Scout Jamboree, edutaining over 10,000 Boy Scouts, De'Anna has garnered extensive experience leading audiences through signature processes that engage, motivate, increase focus and vision and internalize success.

Her expertise in the subconscious facets of success supply your audience with valuable learning takeaways they can apply immediately. 


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"Mindset breakthroughs happen when the subconscious is provoked with a new alternative."

Breakthrough Sessions

Overcome limited thinking and increase the pace to your goals exponentially.
As a result of De'Anna's work, people have tripled their income, shed pounds and let go of mental strongholds that have held them back from their goals. 

De'Anna facilitates her signature process of Reveal, Release and Recode to help you connect the dots, feeling more on fire than ever before.  Expect to let go of past burdens or the stuff in the back of your head and wake up to an unbelievably amazing future.  

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Are you ready to create a Breakthrough and live your healthiest, wealthiest life? 

De'Anna grew up watching her Grandma jog for 30 minutes every morning. It caused her to question..."What makes her want to do that every day?"  It is her vision to move forward where her Grandma left off (at the remarkable age of 103) by teaching intrinsic motivation and subconscious integration of your most worthy goals. 

What circumstance are you living with, that with De'Anna's expertise, you could more easily breakthrough? 

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Your Vital-Mind Coach

Professional Athletes and High Level CEO's all have one, now you can too!

With success comes higher demand. As you strive for higher goals, you will be required to manage stress, expand your mindset and manage your health more optimally.  

De'Anna Nunez as your personal mindset Coach has the skills and expertise to help you grow your wealth and abundance mindset  without sacrificing your health. 

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"Your mind is the most powerful asset you have."

3 Subconscious Blocks Preventing Weight Loss & How to Fix Them!

Join me on a webinar to retrain your brain! Uncover your subconscious mental blocks and put a stop to the seemingly impossible cycle of weight loss!

I will explain my top 3 techniques to dive deep into your mind and pull out exactly which subconscious mindsets and habits are causing you from hitting your goals AS WELL AS how to reframe your thinking to set a healthy foundation for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!

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"Never underestimate your ability to change your mindset."


Have you ever said, “Money is hard to come by” or, “No matter what I do, there is never enough.” Or perhaps you were raised like me…? ”Money is the root of all evil. Rich people are greedy.” We often put a label on money that isn’t even true. Those labels come from the unconscious collection of our family, culture, environment and life experience. 

It’s now your opportunity to breakthrough those paradigms and design the mind and life you want to live. The wealth and freedom you desire and the means to create it is 100% sourced in you. Perhaps you’ve got work to do to let go of fears? 
You’re not alone.

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De’Anna became a Professional Hypnotist at the San Diego Institute of Hypnosis with the intent to perform as a Hypnotist Edutainer and Keynote Speaker.  Her very first paid, professional presentation was for the United States Marine Corps in 1998.  Since then Fortune 500 companies such as Aflac, Mercury Insurance, Coldwell Banker, EMC, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Harley Davidson and more have brought her in to learn insights about the incredible power of the mind and how to stay focused on a meaningful result.  De’Anna delivers her signature process through an edutaining format of storytelling and experiential Hypnosis to showcase the vital importance of developing soft skills. 


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100% Anti Diet, De'Anna Teaches You How to Get Strong and Confident

Are you ready to create miracles in your mindset and learn how to maintain a healthy weight without struggle? Revealing and releasing your subconscious strongholds are crucial to your journey.

Developing the right mindset will keep you going, but only after you've experienced a BREAKTHROUGH. 

Get your FREE copy of my ebook 10 Ways to Make Weight Loss Easy & Maintain It Too. It's packed with strategies for breaking through old patterns. Learn how to view food as energy and create more productive and compassionate thinking habits to enjoy a sustainable healthy life.  


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