23 Three Word Statements to Light Your Fire


Words have power. Yes, indeed. The power to lift our spirits and brighten our day. What if three little words could become so ingrained that their simplicity literally changes your attitude or next action?

Dare I say...."Light Your Fire!" 

I thought it would be fun to accumulate some of our favorite three-word statements and share them here. I started the list and then enlisted some of my Facebook friends and our Mind Body FIT Members from our Wednesday Leadership group online.

They added some important ones! Can you guess which ones they came up with? You'll notice there is Nike's all-time famous marketing line in there to kick us off. 

Here are 23 motivational, fun and inspiring three-word statements that are powerful to live by. 

  1. Just Do It
  2. Let it Go
  3. Yes I Can
  4. Yes We Can
  5. God Loves Me
  6. Invite God In
  7. Love is Everything
  8. Keep Moving Forward
  9. I love me
  10. Be the Change
  11. I am love
  12. Success leaves clues
  13. Answers are Within
  14. Seize the Day
  15. I am Enough
  16. Gratitude is Everything
  17. Seize the Day
  18. Be in Allowance
  19. Follow Your Feet
  20. Joi de Vive (Joy of Living)
  21. Clarity affords focus
  22. Move Your Ass
  23. Peace is possible 

Which one is your favorite? And do you have one to add to our growing list? Post it below in the comments. 


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