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The Emotional Intelligence You Need to Empower Your Intentions and Goals

Growing up watching my Grandma jog around her house in the morning inspired me. She was old! Like 90 and still motivated to take care of herself.

Crazy amazing, right?!!!!

As a professional Hypnotist, I now work to support people's health and vitality through mental and emotional avenues. So You can imagine the varied requests I receive.

"Help me lose weight!
Could you help me get over my divorce?
Can you make me motivated to exercise?
Help me overcome imposter syndrome to feel more confident...

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She Embraced Fear and Leaped


(Video above is our actual raw footage)

It was very clear, she was not going to miss this opportunity. Although she had not put her face underwater in more than 64 years, she leaped from the boat into a two-hundred-foot ocean.

Here we are in the middle of the gulf of California in Mexico. Imagine a blue so gorgeous it’s like swimming in glistening, azul-colored liquid. We are cruising along in a private chartered boat to explore the perfect snorkel spots when all the sudden we are...

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WAKE UP BUSINESS BARBIE - How You Can Innovate and Reinvent Yourself

Yesterday I attended a really great Vistage event. For those of you who don't know, Vistage is a high-level, International business coaching company catering to CEO's and CSuite Executives. At this particular event, it was mostly all high-level CEO’s with multimillion-dollar businesses.

Vistage members gathered to learn from a top-notch sales trainer that would take us through his 10 sure-fire sales systems. As CEO's they need to be in the know of how their sales teams...

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