WAKE UP BUSINESS BARBIE - How You Can Innovate and Reinvent Yourself

Yesterday I attended a really great Vistage event. For those of you who don't know, Vistage is a high-level, International business coaching company catering to CEO's and CSuite Executives. At this particular event, it was mostly all high-level CEO’s with multimillion-dollar businesses.

Vistage members gathered to learn from a top-notch sales trainer that would take us through his 10 sure-fire sales systems. As CEO's they need to be in the know of how their sales teams are performing, even though they aren't doing the selling themselves. 

I was invited by my incredible mentor who was CEO of a company she Co-Founded, grew to multi-millions and successfully sold. Her guidance and generosity to show me the way has been priceless. She sees my dream to help people and impact the world. 

As I walked across the parking lot in my crisp, white, she-means-business blazer, I looked up at this beautiful glass building. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. Back in the day, I dreamed of my future as a businesswoman, being taken seriously, seen as smart and full of bright ideas. I’d wear a perfectly-fitting pencil skirt, with designer heels and carry my gorgeous, brown leather attache’. It was my vision.

What I didn’t know then, that I know now 💡 is business is not sexy or chic. 😂 You don't just dress up like Business Barbie and become CEO of a multi- million dollar company in a snap. 

What it really is, no matter what business you're in is day after day staying enthusiastic about your work. It's about staying focused on the vision and consistently innovating and shifting. You'll be required to stay disciplined, keep your mind open, make an effort to connect with people, look at the numbers and taking on bigger responsibilities.

It's about consistently breaking through your own limitations and making decisions you’ve never made before. The business journey mirrors the personal development journey. Your impact grows to the pace and progress you are willing to grow. 

Learning to manage stress and positively handling pressure is a constant need and skillset of its own. I've learned you don't need to sacrifice your health for success. You can have both. Much of my peak performance work is in Coaching business owners in this area. The Subconscious Integration System I developed trains women business owners and men on how to use their mind-cycles for optimal balance while still making progress. 

You can do all those things in a pencil skirt and heels 👠 but let’s just be transparent... it requires dedication (and perhaps a change into running shoes on some days). 

This business Barbie is smarter than she used to be 😉 and I want to leave you with a few insights on how you can keep showing up to your business goals and dreams without getting burnt out or discouraged.

1. The Art of the Pivot

Your business will ebb and flow. You've got to okay with that unpredictable nature and be ready to pivot left or right while still keeping your eye on the vision.

2. Self Discipline is Your Secret Weapon

If you have any issues with discipline you're going to want to reframe that immediately in your mindset. Self-discipline is the connector between a strong work ethic and progress. 

3. Include Exercise and Self Hypnosis as if it's a Daily Meeting

The key to managing mind and body energy (brain power, stress management, physical energy, mental clarity) is regular exercise and a daily mind meditation. You may think you don't have time, but you don't have time not to. Too many business people have had heart attacks, strokes, insomnia, anxiety attacks and more due to the lack of a stress management strategy. 

4. Mindset Growth

There is nothing more important to the bottom line than growing your mindset. Your money beliefs, confidence, and perceived ability will be hindered or boosted based on what's in your subconscious mind. That 'stuff' in the back of your head is always influencing you. It is absolutely vital to your business that you Reveal, Release and ReCode the internal messages (stories). 

Some stories include: 

  • "I don't have time to take care of myself." 
  • "I'm from a family where you're not supposed to go outside our unspoken rules."
  • "I've never made a lot of money and I don't know that I can." 
  • "I don't know how to lead a team." 
  • "I'm not sure that I'm worthy of that kind of success." 

I've been on my own business journey since 1997 carving a career from scratch. If you're like me, half the time you feel like you are winging it. When you choose to take on entrepreneurship you are choosing to be on a roller coaster ride.


With a bit more strategy and deliberate action, you can supercharge by taking charge of what you can control. 

De'Anna Nunez is a Peak Performance Coach, Keynote Speaker and Trainer specializing in High-Performance Hypnosis and Subconscious Integration Systems for your success. She trains people from around the world to develop their mindset by breaking through their own self-perceived limitations and growing their confidence.  Work with De'Anna 


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