Bring De'Anna in as the WOW to your event!

De'Anna is a story teller and master at connecting with an audience. In every presentation she aims to bring a dynamic and disarming approach to the serious work of self-leadership. She engages in an entertaining and memorable way teaching principles of rewiring the brain that produce exponential growth for business professionals.


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Unleash Your Inner Leader: A Journey to Your Strengths

Get inside the minds of high-level leaders as De'Anna reveals rich stories of working with millionaires, top athletes and uber-successful people in her Hypnotherapy practice. Laugh, learn, and leap into a new possibility as you adopt key success principles into your life. 

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Discover how to harness the incredible potential of your mind

What if the key to sustainable success lies not in external strategies, but within the untapped power of your own brain? Through hypnosis principles, you'll learn practical techniques to navigate your inner world, transforming challenges and stress into opportunities.

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Strategies for Achieving Peak Performance in Life and Business

How does one run a 75 mile ultramarathon when they are a person who smoked under the bleachers in high school? De'Anna will inspire you with what you need to succeed in life and business while maintaining your sense of humor and well-being. 

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"De'Anna Nunez hit it out of the ballpark as the featured speaker on our opening day. She is the speaker to bring in when you want an energetic, interactive, and transformational experience for your group. That is exactly what she delivered for our annual ICBCH convention!"

Dr. Richard Nongard
LMFT, MBA, Founder of the ICBCH

"Absolutely fantastic! The visualization techniques she took us through and linking back to our team meeting goals were absolutely fantastic."

Laurie Robbins Miller
Vice President of Human Resources, Alliance Healthcare Services


What breakthroughs can happen in your business, your well-being, and your life when you habitize TRUE SELF LEADERSHIP?

 It's that powerful question De'Anna proposes to her audience as she invites them to explore the inner wonders of their mind and life experience so they can create incredible breakthroughs and transformations.


"She had the entire ballroom enthralled."

-Mercury Insurance

"De'Anna fills the room with energy and has a gift connecting with people."

- Merrilee Neal, Susan G. Komen

"There are many speakers out there and then there is De'Anna Nunez. One of the most talented and highly skilled speakers I have ever seen and an amazing breakthrough coach. What I love most about De'Anna is she actually walks the walk and her content is so helpful for executives and team members across all business segments. If you are looking for a speaker who knows how to connect with the hearts and minds of your team members and offers tools they can actually implement immediately, then you came to the right place. "

Violet Rainwater
Speaker Manager, Speaker & Trainer, Mental Health Advocate

"President of the First State Bank of Texas says, "Wonderful enthusiasm, we loved her! She really connected with our employees. ""

Keenan Stockton

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