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WAKE UP BUSINESS BARBIE - How You Can Innovate and Reinvent Yourself

Yesterday I attended a really great Vistage event. For those of you who don't know, Vistage is a high-level, International business coaching company catering to CEO's and CSuite Executives. At this particular event, it was mostly all high-level CEO’s with multimillion-dollar businesses.

Vistage members gathered to learn from a top-notch sales trainer that would take us through his 10 sure-fire sales systems. As CEO's they need to be in the know of how their sales teams...

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Hey Brilliant Business Women, You Can Take Control of Your Weight


Women are breaking out and breaking through. It’s exciting and you are one of them! Feeling good in your body is an important aspect of the business journey and you’ve got a nagging voice in the back of your head that is urging you to pay more attention to your health.

Why is business so separate from health? 

The way mind body practices are presented in American culture are peculiar to me.  The Yoga-esque and new agey groups encourage us to be...

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How to Evoke Love and Loyalty with People

How to Breakthrough Disconnection and Evoke Love and Loyalty with People

Do you love on your customers, your company, your team, your family? And do they love you back? I discovered three ways that allowed me to nurture connection and embody the principles of what I teach inside my Coaching brand. Consider how these may help you grow a healthier culture with your people.

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1) Experiential Time Together

I gathered with about a dozen of my beloved clients in South...

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