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When my oldest son Zach was thirteen years old, he started taking flying lessons. With a deep breath and an open mind, I found a great, accredited flying school at a nearby regional airport, and he started going once a week. The actual flying with a well-credentialed pilot was the fun part. He loved it! The ground school however was intense for a thirteen-year-old. Amazingly, Zach soloed in a plane before he soloed driving a car. The great responsibility forced him to really pay attention, to...

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Are You Ready to Trust Your Self More?


Have you run into mental roadblocks on your way to your next goal? Join De'Anna Nunez for this Limited Time HYPNO-COACHING CALL, where you can join in FREE! 

High Performance Hypnotist, De'Anna Nunez guides you so that you too can break through and become reconnected to your greatest source of internal power. Join De'Anna as she playfully guides you through the 2 Vital Factors you need to progress without stress!

#1 Self Trust

#2 Confidence

Learn De'Anna's perspective on the difference...

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Breakthrough Your Secret Struggle: Create Your Own Healing

What have you been waiting your whole life to hear?

“If I could just hear, I’m sorry.”

“If only I would have had a better upbringing."

“If he would just acknowledge what he did.”

 “If only they would have said I love you more.”

“If they would have kept me safe.”

“If only I knew why.”

"If only they would acknowledge my accomplishments." 

 Our life-long internal struggles are usually things we don’t...

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