Dreamers Who Do: 3 Aspects of Inspired and Focused Effort Can Make All the Difference

Remember that moment when you were recognized for your hard work?

It felt so good didn’t it?

Being validated for all the effort you put in makes the journey worth it. I want to give you extra love on whatever that thing is. From cleaning up the dishes after dinner to pulling off a big presentation at work. It requires effort and participation on your part. Good for you for being the person that is willing to jump in.

“The future depends on what we do in the present.” -a quote from Mahatma Gandhi.

Every day we have an opportunity to set ourselves up for a better tomorrow. I hope to inspire you with this blog article. I want to be sure you don’t blow through another day staying busy with your blinders on, but instead, being present to the idea that your big dreams can be executed in tiny little habits. All those small efforts, like short sprints, add up to a marathon. When your heart and mind are focused on the vision and your feet stay in motion, you can’t help but make progress.  

I recently read a meme on Instagram that stated, The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. Above all, the world needs dreamers who do.  

What area might you be holding yourself back?

What if your lack of confidence in sharing your story, invention or message holds another person back from sharing theirs?

What if you staying quiet and polite in your dream, keeps it only a dream and it dies with you?

How will you feel if you never make that move toward greatness?

It takes courage to do your dream. Heck, we're in this together! I'm here to help with my Breakthrough superpowers. 

This past Saturday, I stood in the blessing of my effort. A dream client of mine who deeply understands the value of my work recommended me as a Speaker for a conference she was helping to plan. I was an add-on, testing out an early morning time slot to kick off the conference. My topic was Managing the Pressures of Entrepreneurialism with Mind Body Techniques. 

The Women’s Venture Summit held at the Joan Kroc Center at the University of San Diego is in it’s sixth year. Women business founders nationwide gather together with Angel Investors to discuss growth strategies, insights and opportunity for investment. Millions of dollars potentially cross hands and the products and services of these businesses are given the opportunity to impact millions of lives.

I love how practical Hypnosis is and how it can be applied to your daily thinking habits.  Many times over, in fact just this week, I have seen the positive results. A client shared that after two years of sleepless, restless nights that led to brain fog, weight gain and fatigue, she is now sleeping through the night after she listens to her Hypnosis audios. Remarkable! I know the power of this work, so I was thrilled to share it with the women at this conference.

I have immense respect for the organizer Dr. Silivia Mah as her company Stella Labs is responsible for incubating, launching and funding hundreds and hundreds of women owned businesses. She is fighting to improve a statistic that states only 2% of all female owned businesses receive funding for capitol. It was in her intensive program that I learned how to scale my Hypnosis business into Speaking, Training and serving more people. I’m still working at it every day and being asked to Speak is an example of that business mindset development.

Surrounded by a caliber of women that was off the charts, I was in awe. From one brilliant women who grew a tech company from her kitchen table and sold it for over a hundred million dollars to a women in Atlanta who created a service that feeds thousands of people every week. Her company takes perfectly good food that would be otherwise thrown out from airports, conferences and sports arenas and distributes it to feed the hungry. Isn’t that incredible? Another smart, young mind created computer vision technology that integrates with car parts. She sold to Amazon for a pretty penny. So inspiring!  

Repeatedly throughout the day I heard the need for my services. Women talked about burn out, stress and the need to build confidence. One after another, I was pulled aside. One woman shared she’s gained weight, another is having headaches, others want to adopt better self care strategies. Another woman told me she feels like an imposter in her own business and wants to dig deep to connect with her confidence. I am thrilled to serve of course. Just like you, these ladies need support to live their best life.

I’d like to share three main points from the day that popped up for me. They tend to be a framework for accomplishing most anything.

  1. Stay focused on your vision. Keep it in your minds eye to allow your imagination to do its perfect work. Then, give it legs. Imagination alone will fall short and I think we all know someone who had a great idea but never acted upon it. You must be willing to give effort consistently and actually believe your dream. Think of effort as small habits that may go unnoticed initially, yet over time add up to progress. This includes thinking habits. Often we are recycling un-beneficial thoughts and telling stories that should have died ten years ago. Yet, when you increase your awareness and listen to what your mind is saying without judgement, you can observe the pitfalls and change the self-talk.
  2. You're going to need a whole'lotta confidence. If you don’t have the confidence, find it. There are several ways to increase your confidence and the biggest one is being willing to earn it. Be open to making a darn fool of yourself. Risk embarrassment for the sake of experience and learning. Confidence is anointed to the diligent. Do it scared, knowing...you'll gain confidence from the doing. 
  3. Stay disciplined. Every worthy goal is matched with a structure to support it. If you have a dream to be fit and healthy at this age, what are you doing every day that matches that dream? Are you talking about it or executing on it?  Do you want to build a dream business? Are you reaching out and networking? Are you out building relationships with key people or partnering with organizations? Being disciplined is giving yourself an opportunity to win the freedoms others don’t have. With that continuous momentum requires managing pressures more systematically. Being disciplined about your self care is like pouring into a large bucket that pours into five smaller buckets underneath it.

De'Anna Nunez is a Breakthrough HypnoCoach. She uses her expert skills of Hypnosis, HNLP, and Health Coaching to facilitate your next magical breakthrough. Her greatest dream is helping you reach yours. 

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