Your Emotional Triggers Can Be the Predictor of Success

subconscious mind success Jan 18, 2020

Do you know what to do when you get EMOTIONALLY TRIGGERED?

There are two ways of handling it. You'll either block your growth or bust it wide open. I'm assuming you'd like to grow. (wink-wink, smile!) Handling it in a beneficial way can be the predictor of your success. 

Emotional Triggers happen to all of us...

Have you ever felt that lump in your throat, or anxiousness to speak your mind? That churning stir in your belly? It’s a visceral feeling from an emotional thought, and it jolts you.

When I’ve been triggered, my heart starts racing and I feel an urgent sense of unease. I have to almost catch my breath. I’ve even broken out in blisters. Your body is always listening to your mind and emotions. It’s reactionary by nature. 

Learning how to handle emotional triggers are a vital part of your self-growth and health,  and that’s why I am sharing value with you today. You can cut to the 2 minute video or go more in depth...

There are emotional TRIGGERS of varying degrees. 

Something happens in the day that stirs you up and you wonder why you’re emotional over a relatively minor, handleable situation.  Or, an out-of-the-blue bigger thing that feels insurmountable and life-altering. You blow your stack, explode or implode into default mode. The situation stirs up insecurities and fears and you immediately click into a reactionary, survival response. 

(Btw, stress is an emotional by-product too.)

For most, after the TRIGGER hits, you try to lessen, cope or distract this stir of emotions in a myriad of ways. I call these Post Trigger Behaviors or PTB.


Do you recognize yourself having any of these POST-TRIGGER behaviors? 

  • Irritability, not being yourself, projecting on to others
  • Shutting down, aloneness, putting up walls
  • Overthinking and stressing yourself unnecessarily 
  • Bullying or over-assertion of control 
  • Eating when you’re not hungry, binging
  • Sugar addiction
  • Overworking as a means to distract or compartmentalize feelings, take control
  • Starting smoking after you’ve quit a dozen times
  • And more. 

We are humans with irrational coping habits and I say irrational because they Don’t Actually Work!!

Okay….well, the POST-TRIGGER BEHAVIOR temporarily works, yet, be honest with yourself. You are left feeling mehhhhhhhh, only somewhat satisfied. (Insert emoji face with a straight line where a smile should be.) After every binge or need-for-control is the feeling you stopped the leak but didn't fix the boat. You know in your soul that by keeping this less-than, inept behavior you are not living your fullest, most expressive, vitality-driven life. 

What if your POST-TRIGGER behavior becomes your normal, everyday behavior? You are constantly looping between emotion and reaction to where it becomes unconscious and it's just the way you live. You may be in a loop of unnecessary behaviors that don’t even match how you see yourself to be. It feels shitty and you can do better. So much better!

For my coaching clients, handling triggers are a major part of the internal work we do together. Why so important? Because a TRIGGER can be an indication of unresolved conflict within your subconscious or an invitation to step up and grow. So I pay attention to my client's triggers and use it as an indicator to understand what's underneath it. 

Where do triggers come from and why are they so powerful? 

A trigger is a red flag activating a negative memory or past-pain. Whether it was thirty years ago or three months ago. It's an indicator of an imprint on your subconscious mind. 

Successful Business Woman One

For example, I once had a client who felt very uncomfortable around authoritative men at work. She didn’t really know why, but she started acknowledging it as we did our coaching work together. When in meetings to handle conflict in the business, her throat would tighten and it was as if she had no voice. She found it challenging to speak up and be assertive even if she knew her idea was what the company needed to hear. 

What no one knew and what she wasn’t acknowledging is, she had been sexually abused by her father for a number of years in her childhood.  She had done a small amount of therapy, but there was still more healing that needed to be done. Consciously she had moved on, but her subconscious had not reconciled with that memory. This triggered reaction made it difficult to do her best in her managerial position. 

We did the necessary breakthrough sessions and her results were remarkable. She had a completely life-changing transformation after that! 

Successful Business Woman Two

Another client lives her life in total control, at least that’s the way it appears. She’s successful in her business, leading with decisiveness, leadership, and assertiveness. Money is coming in, clients are plentiful. People admire her. What they don’t know is, she ingests to temper her stress (stress eating). She’s so full of life it appears to not be a problem. But it is. Being in business circles I’ve seen this scenario play out many times. It’s hurried meals or late-night eating, sugary pick-me-up drinks, sometimes its wine or cocktails. With this particular woman, it was mindless eating and she had found herself at a weight she was just not happy with. That’s how she became my client. 

Her ability to be in control was her superpower, or so she thought. Back in her childhood days, it was rough. She felt defeated and powerless by her parent’s decisions and she swore when she grew up she was going to be in control and not allow anyone to take her power. In our subconscious work she discovered, what she thought was power was actually walls of self-protection. “No one is going to hurt me!” She put herself atop a self-made castle. But it's lonely up there and food didn't ever heal her internal need for love and validation. 

To overcome this self-limiting mechanism, she healed her past story on a subconscious level and we turned her struggle to real strength. She continues to lead but with more vulnerability and allowing others to support her. We revealed the triggers and equipped her with conscious new habits for health, self-care, and true empowerment. In this vital mind-cycle I call SIS (Subconscious Integration System) she can manage the stresses of business in a new way that is reflective of her true power, and when she's triggered, she sees it as a cue to stay on track. 


You just never know what another person is wrestling with internally. So, be kind. Especially be kind to yourself! I invite you to be observant of what triggers you. It’s the very thing that could lead you to a total breakthrough. 

Here’s how to get started.  You can mentally reframe a trigger by considering it a CUE to look within. 

  • Journal with an open soul
  • Take your troubles to nature
  • Pray
  • Meditate
  • Yoga
  • Express through painting or art 
  • Hypnotherapy for the deeper dive

High-Performance Hypnosis is a therapeutic modality I created that works fast and effectively. It was developed over time working with my clients and learning what techniques work most rapidly. There is evidence of its healing-power scattered throughout the body of my work by people just like you. Read what they have to say here

Every one of those people I’ve worked with are now better equipped with incredible mental-emotional tools to direct their lives with empowerment. That's a major part of excellent health! They may call it peak performance, leveling up, breaking-thru mental blocks, mind-management or deep emotional healing. 

Invest in your mental-emotional healing and open up the lines of communication between your conscious mind and your subconscious.  View a TRIGGER as a CUE to-do meaningful self-exploration. Your Subconscious is powerful, make it your friend rather than foe. 

In addition to working with private clients like you,  I lecture and train teams in the business realm, developing people to lead with confidence and subconscious power-skills. I invite you to grab one of my open, private slots while you can and get to work on your best life. I offer single Breakthrough sessions as well as powerful 3 months to 12 month HypnoCoaching programs. Schedule a consultation with me here to see if this work is a fit for you.

If you found this article valuable, please share it with enthusiasm to a friend or on your social media pages. Grab the link here and share away! Thank you, I love this work and I hope you found it a beneficial read. 



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