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Be The Mind: So Simple a 10-Year-Old Can Do It


My friend and local Torrey Pines football legend Marty Graham is full of passion for inspiring kids to achieve through sports. When he asked me to be a Speaker at his Sports Performance Camp I absolutely said, “Yes!”  


My purpose is always to encourage courage. Whether it's in sports, taking business risks to put yourself out there or changing health habits, courage always plays an integral role in upleveling yourself. In this talk, I told my story of courage....

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Fool Proof Personal Growth Strategies to Get Rich and Fit in 2022

 "This year I want to get rich and fit", says a friend on a Zoom meeting yesterday. She is not alone in that desire. Many share that goal, do you? We all laughed and shouted, "yes girl, yes!" Imagine rolling into Q4 physically and fiscally more fit. How fantastic will you feel?

According to TD Ameritrade, more than 30% of adults who make New Year’s resolutions are likely to make resolutions having to do with personal finance. And health? Well, being that we've got...

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