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She Embraced Fear and Leaped From the Boat with Courage


(Video above is our actual raw footage)

It was very clear, she was not going to miss this opportunity. Although she had not put her face underwater in more than 64 years, she leaped from the boat into a two-hundred-foot ocean.

Here we are in the middle of the gulf of California in Mexico. Imagine a blue so gorgeous it’s like swimming in glistening, azul-colored liquid. We are cruising along in a private chartered boat to explore the perfect snorkel spots when all the sudden we are...

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You Can Break the Cycle

It was the spring of 2007.  Six months pregnant with my daughter Savvy in my belly, I packed my bags and flew off to the glorious, earthy magic of Santa Fe New Mexico. My intention was to learn from the incomparable Gary DeRodriguez, a man I respected greatly in the Hypnosis and Coaching world. 

I received a weighty curriculum book with hundreds of techniques. I wondered how I would learn it all. Early each morning we'd wholeheartedly dive into the work. I found the training to...

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