Breakthrough Your Fear of Judgement and Bring Out the Influencer in You

Uncategorized May 24, 2019

The word Influencer is being thrown around alot these days. It is typically a word to describe people who can influence others buying decisions or disrupting thought patterns to cause a new line of thinking. Youtubers, Thought-leaders, Speakers, Marketers, even the Kardashian-types are considered influencers. 

What I'd like to influence you to think about is, that thing you're so passionately intereseted in can truly change someone else's life by you stepping up with courage and sharing what you care about. 

You have a burning fire in your belly about something. What is it about?

Truth is ...just thinking about it stirs up your emotions. Your heart rate goes up, your body wants to move.

It is this very thing inside you that when shared, can be your greatest source of INFLUENCE in the world.

I’ve spoken in front of more than 500,000 people in my career (so far 😉), entertained Five star Generals and ran over 25 marathons.

But what some may not know is...

Giving up on myself as a teenager took me to the darkest places of shame. So low that I felt like filth. I allowed myself to be used as if I was a throw away.


It is from that uncomfortable, painful space that all of my ambition was birthed.

I know you’ve been there in some capacity too. In those deep dark valleys where the only accompaniment is your own posse of negative voices.

I wanted more from life. I knew I was not living as God intended and I wasn't living up to what I knew I could be. So, I stopped looking down and began looking up for some small, glimpses of possibility.

Before long, I saw possibility everywhere.

My life became a grand adventure. Some people didn’t get me at all. And that’s okay. I knew where I was headed.

My love for the hero’s journey has caused me to move mountains. It's now been years since those rough days but I carry it with me as a reminder of my passion to help others push past their limited thinking.

That energy inspires me at 5am to go for a run. It motivates me to network and grow my business.

Just like...Your energy that moves you. It’s is your source of INFLUENCE.

We lift one another in support.

True, authentic leadership and action for a purpose greater than yourself are the qualities that drive influence like none other.

My underlying intention in every talk I give is for my audience to walk away thinking, feeling and knowing they are powerful beyond measure. The fire inside them is meant to cause a ruckus, disrupt old patterns and innovate relationships.

Realize, that your level of influence is determined by your level of interaction.

What can you do right away to grow your influece? You can Get F.I.T.! You can Focus, Inward and Target the key difference makers within you to create a more meaninful impact with your teams, audiences and organizations. You can show up differently.

Here are four insights for you to consider.

1) Mind Your Energy: The energy you bring to every interaction, be it a team meeting, a video, a book or a talk, you are in control of the energy you give off. Take 2 minutes to breathe or meditate if you're stressed, tired or irritated before entering into an interaction.

2) Be Aware of Perception: How do you want people to perceive you? Being aware of how you may be coming across in your interactions, be it on Linked In, within your company, or in your sales conversations. Choose 1-3 values that best represent you (or who you want to authentically be) and write them down as a reminder to yourself.

3) Choose Your Words: Language is our leading source of influence and every time you open your mouth you have an opportunity to positively influence the person you are interacting with. In business we tend to be cognizant, yet in our off time we let our words fly. Remember the quote, "How you do anything is how you do everything?" Practice 'being' leadership 100% of the time and you may discover your influence changes dramatically.

4) Emotional Intelligence: Managing your emotions in difficult moments just might be the best skill you'll ever learn. This doesn't mean to be flatlined and boring. In fact, your fire about a passionate subject can move mountains. Being masterfully aware of your emotions and conveying them compassionately is choosing to interact at a level of depth that most people shy away from. Be the person that can hike the valleys and the peaks with people.

“Your level of influence is determined by your level of interaction.”

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