Breakthrough Food Struggles and Love Your Body to Leanness

Uncategorized Jun 15, 2019

I recently shared this post on my Facebook page and I didn't want to deprive you of this goodness so I'm leaving it right here too. I just had to share that....


I really, really do. Eating has always been one of my favorite ways to spend my time. Combine my investment in time and I've probably spent years munching and consuming. In front of the tv, sitting at my computer, a snack while I'm out and about, over good conversation, you name it...I've combined food withi it. hahaha! Did I tell you about the time I was in Amsterdam preparing to have a hot sexy night with my hubs? There was food present then too, but that's another story.

One of the challenges I had in the past was keeping my weight at a fairly even number. That's really hard to do when you're someone who likes to eat as a pastime. It's no wonder I had weight struggles though with how much I like to eat.

I grew up watching my Mom eat, eat, eat too. I cannot think of a day in my childhood home that we did not have access to cookies, ice cream or some kind of yumminess that she had baked. Snacking was 100% of my daily experience. I remember my Mom in her later years. She never went anywhere without food in her car. She'd always have dried fruit, nuts, dates, something she'd eat while driving.

When I went through Hypnosis training in 1997 there was one particular day where we were practicing on eachother. The topic of the session was to hypnotize our partner to recall the wonderful feelings of a chocolate chip cookie and all the goodness around that experience. I ended up in a pool of tears. I had a breakthrough moment where my unconscious mind revealed to me, that "food equals love". I heard myself say it as if in third party and I instantly felt both broken in a million pieces and like I had struck gold.

In that moment I recalled the years of struggle. It made so much sense that I struggled and struggled and strugggled with controlling myself with food. I unconsciously thought I was loving myself! Holy shit.

There were not "I love you's" in my chldhood years with my Mom. They came freely with Dad and my Step Mom every other weekend. But the other 85% of the time, no where to be found. I was starving for love.

I am so very grateful for the tool of Hypnosis, for it was the magic wand that revealed it all. I kept digging deeper and deeper and eventually healed my void. I also shed about 40lbs that I had previously kept losing and regaining. I never found those pounds again and have been able to sustain a healthy weight for years now. It's remarkable really.

Now with that success comes new learning. I learned to be conscious of when and what I'm eating. I learned to open myself up to love in new ways. I learned how powerful my mind is and how to truly captain my own ship. I learned to reframe how I feel about discipline and self control and how to recognize my impulse behaviors.I learned to use self hypnosis regularly and apply it in a moments notice.

I still LOVE food and I still LOVE to eat. But now, I just don't have an abusive relationship with it.

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