Unbelievable Growth Strategies to Uplevel Your Life

 "This year I want to get rich and fit", says a friend on a Zoom meeting yesterday. She is not alone in that desire. Many share that goal, do you? We all laughed and shouted, "yes girl, yes!" Imagine rolling into Q4 physically and fiscally more fit. How fantastic will you feel?

According to TD Ameritrade, more than 30% of adults who make New Year’s resolutions are likely to make resolutions having to do with personal finance. And health? Well, being that we've got COVID crazy happening, even more people are focused on their health. In fact, a whopping 74% average between men and women are setting health goals.


It is just enough runway between now and then to make some seriously devoted headway and produce actual results. It's also a matter of perception. What will it take for you to feel rich and feel fit? For many, an extra twenty thousand in cash after everything is paid or a lesser twenty pounds on your body would produce that feeling. That's doable!

According to a US Survey, adults who make such resolutions, women are more likely than men to break their resolutions before the year is out (85 percent vs. 76 percent, respectively). Every year these numbers notoriously stack against your odds of following through, but if you Ted Lasso your perspective (the gift of eternal optimism), you'll see that there is an opportunity to meet your goals.

Reading about shifting your habits and mental perceptions may seem obvious, but when it's your own mind, have you noticed how challenging it can be to get yourself to change? In my work as a Hypnotist, I generally focus on three key areas of self-development with my clients. Your mindset, emotional growth and peak performance habits. Separately you can create enormous breakthroughs, yet linked as one strategy, you can create total transformation.


Getting you internally aligned with your most vibrant and confident vision of yourself is a mindset you'll want to develop. There are often memories from childhood and hardships like divorce or loss that create unnecessary internal imprints. You must reconcile with these internal misinterpretations and let go of what you made them mean about you. When you have a healthy self-concept, you are much more likely to produce successful outcomes in your life. Your goals are then attained through continual focus versus being pulled under by old subconscious setpoints.


Feelings and emotions are what make your goal a moving target hour by hour along the way. There are so many external factors that can throw you off, you have got to get good and practiced at shifting emotions when necessary. The one thing you have control over is your response to all situations. It's vital that when you encounter an old trigger or a tough situation, you don't lose your mindset. Practice what I call Response-ability. 

Building your emotional awareness is key, so you stop letting stress, overthinking and hesitation take over. Take a power-pause before you just do what you've always done. Learn to let go of disempowering emotions faster as you simultaneously let in constructive, empowered emotions. Doing this will help you navigate with much more clarity and at the end of the day, you'll actually love who you're becoming too. When stuff happens, ask yourself, who do I want to be in this situation?

So, get clear, what emotions most empower you? Joy, love, acceptance, peace, gratitude, courage, willingness. Think about it, even in unfavorable situations, you can choose to shift into acceptance, courage or willingness. Your mind will release from stressful thinking and become clearer on the next step. This self -leadership practice will allow you to maintain a healthy state of mind and remain focused on the life and vision you are committing to create.

One Amazing Habit

Specifically choose what I call the One Amazing Habit. It'll be like the legs or the fuel to making your goals and overall vision become reality. It is a keystone habit has the ability to do two things:

1-Change your identity or how you think of yourself.

2- Naturally makes other smaller habits fall into place.

 For example, focusing on thirty minutes of exercise five days a week. That is one habit that will naturally make you want to drink more water. You'll also feel motivated to protect your sleep time, and it'll encourage you to maintain better eating habits. Plus, it'll develop an identity around health. You'll become someone who says, "I am a person who exercises regularly." 

Being very laser focused is the key to your follow through here. When people desire to change their lives, they typically try to transform everything at once, and then fail within weeks of getting started. Your strategy is to choose just One Amazing Habit for one area of your life and complete that ONE thing daily or at least consistently.

What about your One Amazing Money Habit?

To grow your MONEY this year, you must...

  • Practice an abundance mindset daily
  • Develop and work a money generating plan 
  • Save for an investment
  • Focus on one course of action
  • Budget / allocate
  • Develop business relationships
  • Keep better financial organization 
  • Hire a team
  • Pay down debt 
  • Take on more responsibility 
  • Say no to distractions and yes to what's aligned 

What One Amazing Habit from above will become your keystone habit this year? When you do that one thing repeatedly, it shifts how you think about yourself and causes the others on the list to become a natural progression of your financial fitness. When an unexpected roadblock comes your way, you take Respons-ability and choose an empowered emotion to carry you through.

It's true! You can be richer and fitter this year. It's a matter of internal guidance. Focus on just one of these strategies or combine all three. What are your biggest takeaways? Leave a thoughtful comment. I'd love to hear from you.

Let's go!


De'Anna Nunez is the Author of Mind Body FIT Life and Money Courage, she is a Professional Hypnotist with an expertise in mindset, emotional growth, performance and well-being. She helps her clients dissolve mental and emotional blocks while connecting them to their inner joy and confidence so they can live a rich and healthy, fulfilled life. She loves working with entrepreneurs, teams, and small business owners.


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