Mindset: Increase Your Awareness and Stop Letting Sneaky Foods Keep You Sub-Healthy

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2019

Lie To Me Foods. Are you eating them? This is cautionary advice for those wanting to uplevel their health. Is that you? Today, we expose the Lie-to-me- foods that could be keeping you from your healthiest weight and optimal health. 

I teach MINDSET. And within that scope, I must include the emotional attachments, habits and beliefs behind your food choices. You have to make food choices through the filter of your mind each and every time. Therefore, it's worth your effort to do some looking within for answers.

Your MIND. It’s the ONE THING that I help you focus on repeatedly.

Get it right, and you’ll create a healthy life.

So,  what’s the problem with these foods?  They trick you and make you feel crappy. They delusion you into thinking they're actually health foods, yet are loaded with sugar and spike your insulin. They play tricks with your mind because you think you're making a good choice. 

But you're not. 

Foods to look out for: 

  • Cranberries & dried fruit > full of sugar
  • Fruit Juice > (make it green instead)
  • Crackers & chips > excess carbohydrates turn into glucose and get stored as fat
  • Snacky Foods > Eat meals instead

For those wanting to lose weight, there is much better choices for hunger than Lie-to-me-foods.

So what about all the packaging that makes you THINK it’s healthy?

  • Glucose producing foods are those lie to me foods (crackers, chips, healthy ice creams, and more!)
  • They cause you to crave more of the same sugary, salty foods

And... what about Alcohol? "Please De'Anna don't take away my favorite cocktail!", she says. Its just one glass. What you do consistently produces results, so if you're just having an occasional drink, don't fret over it. 

Choose a low sugar drink such as these options. 

The lowest sugar drinks are >>>>>> champagne, dry white wine, red wine and distilled alcohols like tequila. Be mindful and enjoy on occassion, on purpose. 

Here are five ultimate solutions that are easy to practice.

  1. Cheat and Treat – change the word and you change the meaning. Don't cheat on yourself. Instead, schedule a treat! That is a smart way of practicing mindfulness and intuitive eating habits. 
  2. Eat for Energy - Food choices based on taste, nutrients and satiety are best. 
  3. Eat one ingredient foods - Chicken is chicken, asparagus is asaparagus...you get the picture. Choose foods by their label reading. If they have just ONE ingredient, you're on the right track. 
  4. Only Eat meals - This means, avoid snacking and you'll avoid consuming unwanted extra calories. Be full by eating meals. 
  5. Fasting- It's easier than you might think. All you need to do is involve your mind and get focused. Choosing to fast from dinner time to breakfast time is a healthy practice. You'll sleep better and your body will use that time to burn fat. 

Put Your Mind in Charge. Ask yourself why you're eating what you're eating. You can successfully become more consistent by engaging your mind in your goals and enoying the journey. 


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