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Work with De'Anna


She grew up in a cycle of abuse.

Married a man that abused her.

Had the courage to leave him and raise four kids on her own.

This woman worked her butt off, all the while struggling with self esteem and a lack of confidence. But she stayed focused.

Those kids were her everything. She made damn sure they were taken care of, and knew how much their Mom loved them.

She's a good person. Does the right thing. Treats everyone with love and kindness.

A wonderful man came into her life...

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Breakthrough: Freedom From Failure Mindset


Freedom From Failure Mindset

My goal in this blog post is to provide you with a psychological process that can bring you a feeling of freedom. But, my ultimate goal:

To be your facilitator and encourager so you can go out and accomplish all the things youre dreaming of!!

This topic of handling failure came up this week because I was cleaning out my storage garage (hence the picture above) and found a whole box of a book I wrote almost a decade ago. It bummed me out for a minute...

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