How to Evoke Love and Loyalty with People

business customer loyalty team Apr 17, 2019
How to Breakthrough Disconnection and Evoke Love and Loyalty with People

Do you love on your customers, your company, your team, your family? And do they love you back? I discovered three ways that allowed me to nurture connection and embody the principles of what I teach inside my Coaching brand. Consider how these may help you grow a healthier culture with your people.

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1) Experiential Time Together

I gathered with about a dozen of my beloved clients in South Tahoe. They flew in from across the U.S.A. to support me while I ran 75 miles all the way around that big, beautiful lake. This shot to the right was taken before the run, not after, hence the flowing locks versus sweaty pony tail. Ha!

Those amazing people, the very ones I serve, drove in a van, all night long, taking turns to run segments of the lake in the dark of night alongside me. As a team, we embodied what my brand is about, PEAK PERFORMANCE. I'm so proud of us! We built loyalty and connection.

2) Care About One Another's Progress

Striving for deeper understanding in your communications. Exploring yourself to develop effective leadership skills. Creating awareness around your thinking habits and belief patterns so you can show up your best self. Demonstrating, through your work, your personal why and the companies, communicates a brave vulnerability to your team and customers. These are meaningful actions that drive good business relationships, grow community and culture, and sell your products and services.

3) Encourage Sharing Personal Stories

The finish line appeared through the pine trees 15 hours from the start. I hobbled into the finish chute having had no sleep, mentally strong, yet my feet felt like two, heavy bricks. Can you imagine running nonstop at elevation for seventy-five miles? My customers were all there cheering me on as I felt the elation of this accomplishment.

To my surprise, they had remembered a story I told them about when I was twelve years old. I hiked the tallest peak in the United States, Mt. Whitney, for a bean and cheese burrito. When you're twelve, those are the kind of things you dream about when you're tired. My Dad incentivized me. 

So there they were, all smiles and with a bean burrito at the finish line as if it was a medal. I love them.

To do big things, whether its running in the dark around a giant lake or those business goals or projects you initially feel are beyond your reach, you must test your psychological-limitations. That requires mindset management.

Too many in the workforce are stressed out and overwhelmed. Imagine the unconscious affect that has on your customers? Want to truly support your people? The data shows employees appreciate their companies providing ways for them to be better. Beyond the incentive packages, they want to feel cared for.

As a Keynote Speaker I provide mindset training for your organization. I share colorful, real stories of grit and belief and how changing a few thinking habits can uncover mental blocks and recode for greater vision. I demonstrate Hypnosis to internalize company values and teach essential peak performance productivity that can run strong without sacrificing health.

Sales teams, management meetings, company wide gatherings. Open the minds of your people to do better and they will devote their love like it's their own business.

De'Anna Nunez is a Keynote Speaker, High Performance Hypnotist and Trainer that works with companies and individuals to breakthrough mental blocks and develop thinking habits that produce meaningful results. Act now at


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