The Emotional Intelligence You Need to Empower Your Intentions and Goals

Growing up watching my Grandma jog around her house in the morning inspired me. She was old! Like 90 and still motivated to take care of herself.

Crazy amazing, right?!!!!

As a professional Hypnotist, I now work to support people's health and vitality through mental and emotional avenues. So You can imagine the varied requests I receive.

"Help me lose weight!
Could you help me get over my divorce?
Can you make me motivated to exercise?
Help me overcome imposter syndrome to feel more confident in my leadership."

The way I see it...
My work is a vital piece that supports your success. Instead of traversing the canyon alone, I provide you with a bridge.

Hypnosis is often seen as a magic tool. And although it can feel magical, it comes down to mind-body science. So your emotions and ability to stay mentally focused on your goals without getting off track are crucial, and that's why I use Hypnosis strategically.

In my one-on-one work, I ask many questions about how certain things make you feel. And, when you attend my Keynotes or classes, you'll hear me talk a lot about emotions and the irrational brain.
Emotions are the determining factor in how well you optimize your mind and body for the goals you have in life.

Whether making decisions in your work life or managing your relationships, your nervous system is working behind the scenes to support you. Your nervous system is a complex system of nerves and cells responsible for regulating all of the body's functions, including emotions. It is connected to the brain and all other body parts.

When we experience an emotion, it is sent to the brain, which then sends signals to the appropriate body parts to regulate it. For example, when we are afraid, the brain sends signals to the body to create a physical response, like increased heart rate and rapid breathing. I've also had clients say it feels like their throat is closing or their chest is tightening.

As a reactive behavior to deal with this, we unconsciously build what we think are safety mechanisms, so we don't experience that uncomfortable feeling again. Many of my clients will have habits of emotionally shutting down or over-analyzing to feel better and even over-eating as a protective mechanism to regulate their nervous system falsely.

On the Flip Side
When we experience empowered emotions with our colleagues, friends, family, and lovers, we have a positive chemical reaction in our bodies. For example, we may experience a feeling of openness and a massive boost of neurochemicals. We subconsciously associate pleasure with those interactions. So, we look forward to that interaction again.

Our complete array of emotions, such as fear, anger, sadness, guilt, love, courage, and joy, affect our nervous system. And the great news is we have much more control over our emotions than we think, but emotional regulation was not taught for most of us growing up, so many adults are flailingly around trying to figure it out. What's worse is people unnecessarily labeling themselves with disorders as if it's a fixed health problem when they are really changeable.

In some cases, disempowering emotions can cause the nervous system to become overstimulated, leading to various physical and mental health issues. In addition, external stimuli, such as certain smells, sounds, and images, can subconsciously trigger emotional reactions. This can cause the body to become overwhelmed and lead to various physical and mental health issues. Fortunately, there are ways to help regulate and control these emotions.

One of the most influential and natural methods to do this is Hypnosis. Hypnosis is an effective tool for calming the nervous system and promoting physical health and mental clarity. This means you're more optimized to really feel like yourself and go after what you want!

Hypnosis works by inducing a calm state and releasing analytical brain activity, which then reduces the activity of the sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is the part of the nervous system that controls the body's fight-or-flight response. This allows the body to relax, reducing stress and improving the body's ability to heal and function optimally. At the same time, the brain receives a new pathway to manage stress and emotions more effectively based on the Hypnotic suggestions I've custom designed for a client.

For instance, in Hypnosis, visualizing speaking in front of a crowd desensitizes fear and creates a neuro pathway of normalcy. As a result, a person hypnotized on a stage can experience absolute confidence speaking from the microphone, even if they've had previous public speaking anxiety.

In 1999, I performed my first-ever public Hypnosis presentation to the United States Marines Corps. I had just graduated from the San Diego Institute of Hypnotherapy and was determined to showcase the power of the mind. All of these years later, after thousands of presentations and working with people one-on-one, I now put as much emphasis on emotions as I do on the psychological aspects.

People are fascinating and capable of so much. Our capacity to hurt one another and ourselves, even unintentionally, is something I've put a lot of work into turning around for individuals, so they don't needlessly internalize. Emotional resilience and empowerment are essential. It is a determining factor in a person's success.



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