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How Hypnosis Can Get Your Emotions to Care About Your Goals

Growing up watching my Grandma jog around her house in the morning inspired me. She was old! Like 90 and still motivated to take care of herself.

Crazy amazing, right?!!!!

As a professional Hypnotist, I now work to support people's health and vitality through mental and emotional avenues. So You can imagine the varied requests I receive.

"Help me lose weight!
Could you help me get over my divorce?
Can you make me motivated to exercise?
Help me overcome imposter syndrome to feel more confident...

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When my oldest son Zach was thirteen years old, he started taking flying lessons. With a deep breath and an open mind, I found a great, accredited flying school at a nearby regional airport, and he started going once a week. The actual flying with a well-credentialed pilot was the fun part. He loved it! The ground school however was intense for a thirteen-year-old. Amazingly, Zach soloed in a plane before he soloed driving a car. The great responsibility forced him to really pay attention, to...

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