coaching hypnosis mindset May 19, 2021

She grew up in a cycle of abuse.

Married a man that abused her.

Had the courage to leave him and raise four kids on her own.

This woman worked her butt off, all the while struggling with self esteem and a lack of confidence. But she stayed focused.

Those kids were her everything. She made damn sure they were taken care of, and knew how much their Mom loved them.

She's a good person. Does the right thing. Treats everyone with love and kindness.

A wonderful man came into her life that appreciated her kindness, beauty and tenacious ways. They married.

Due to her work ethic she earned promotions. Her loyalty has kept her there for well over a decade. She's a solid employee, the kind every employer wants.

On the inside she struggled with confidence. Her past always seemed to shadow her. She'd hear her Father's criticism, her ex-husband's name-calling and just couldn't shut it off.

In company meetings she'd show up with all the research, facts and know how, even with cumulative knowledge from her years of experience , yet her low confidence kept her from showing up in her power. She'd back down or be dismissed from her upper management because she just didn't have full belief in herself.


We started working together to blast through all those voices in her head. We teamed up to face her demons and create breakthroughs in 4 key areas of her life.

1) Financial / Career

2) Fitness / Health

3) Relationships / Family

4) Internal Belief (this one had a subconscious undercurrent in each of the other three).

She had been making a concerted effort to improve on her own over the years, but it was slow and still struggled with silencing the inner critic.

In just 4 1/2 months she overcame 40 years of self doubt.

She is now speaking up in meetings and earning the respect of her colleagues and upper management. Her style and leadership is empathetic and inclusive; her team knows she cares about them and they are doing incredible work together. We built on her strengths. 

Just recently she had an Erin Brokovich moment where she uncovered a major issue, spoke up, provided proof and made it known to the CEO and all upper executives. She saved the company millions dollars. The CEO did not even know her name prior to this and now she is being seen as a leader.


She is placing importance on her mental and physical health by incorporating a lunchtime workout and taking Fridays to hike in her nearby mountains. With plans to go on a big hiking trip this summer with her family, she is motivated. 

Together we are revamping her BIO and creating a Speakers Kit to prepare her for submission to speak at industry specific conferences in the Fall. She is becoming a subject matter expert and will be offering consulting services to make an impact and increase her income.

In her personal life she is making strides to communicate more openly to her husband versus avoiding tough conversations.

Every aspect of her life is in progress. Why? One word...


This conjuring of her courage was made possible through the power of collaboration. We teamed up arm in arm. I rolled my sleeves back and climbed those internal mountains with her. 

You see...I am a big believer that courage is the bridge to all possibility.

One of my favorite Authors, David Hawkins MD. PhD. wrote a book called Letting Go, The Pathway to Surrender. In his book he shares insights on the frequency and impact of emotions. I so clearly saw a a distinction that separates disempowered emotions such as anger, grief, shame, apathy and the emotions that actually fuel your goals and life dreams such as willingness, acceptance and joy. This distinction is courage.

With courage you become empowered. Without courage you become disempowered.

Courage can mean implementing an exercise program, moving through the fear of failure while having a sales conversation, choosing to be a more present parent or coming to terms with a difficult thing that’s happened in your life. It can be quietly powerful inside yourself; it doesn’t always look like jumping out of a plane or becoming a rock star. Applying courage repeatedly in the small moments of your life can create massive change.

As I reflect back I can determine that courage was 100% unapologetically present in every opportunity that positively changed my life.

When I reflect on self-sabotaging moments, courage was nonexistent. In those moments of cowardice I was trying to avoid, blame, hide, deny, excuse or justify.

 Today’s post is for YOU.

Observing yourself is the starting point to all change. It is in that magical moment of observing your automatic reactions and choosing to insert the courage to do things differently.

You can emerge to whatever the next level is for you. You've been through a monstrous transition. It’s time to rise again. Find your courage again. This past year has revealed many things for you. Use these insights to make your life better. Get past those old wounds, silence that inner critic and dream a bigger, grander dream. It is in that pursuit that happiness shines through.

 Let’s do it together. 'Cause that's the type of Coach I am. 

Let's go, 

 P.S. How about a huge round of applause for my amazing client in Washington state that is rising to a new level of courage and confidence. She’s in the pursuit.

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De’Anna Nunez is a Board Certified Hypnotist, Trainer, Coach and Author that champions others to live life fully. She partners with teams and individuals applying her proprietary methods of Hypnosis and performance frameworks to create results that brighten your life and make it all worthwhile. 


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