Breakthrough Your Secret Struggle: Create Your Own Healing

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2019

What have you been waiting your whole life to hear?

“If I could just hear, I’m sorry.”

“If only I would have had a better upbringing."

“If he would just acknowledge what he did.”

 “If only they would have said I love you more.”

“If they would have kept me safe.”

“If only I knew why.”

"If only they would acknowledge my accomplishments." 

 Our life-long internal struggles are usually things we don’t express to many people. With trust, we learn to open up to a friend, or a spouse. But, sometimes we don’t share with anyone.

We cope with that voice in the back of our head by shoving it down or shutting it up with food, over-working, spending, avoidances of many kinds.

That doesn’t mean it goes away.

It’s not water under the bridge.

It may have happened a while back, but your subconscious doesn’t know or care about timeframes.

Your subconscious is emotional and irrational and will trigger you without warning.

The bravest thing you can do in life is know and acknowledge yourself.

It takes courage. I know you have that in you. Do you?

I have bravely opened my can of worms and I've done some meaningful exploring. What I've always wanted most is to be a successful person that contributed to others. I wanted to have that feeling that I was living a well-lived life and not leaving any potential unused. Do you have a similar feeling?

There were several big issues I addressed within myself, and they were very specific.

How I disfunctionally relate to food.

How I disfunctionally relate to men.

How I disfunctionally relate to money.

 I had lived with years of emotional eating, had a teenage sexual assault that I had shoved way deep down inside (and never dealt with) as well as twisted ideas of money and power within family relationships. Pulling those layers back is the best thing I ever did. It took so much courage. As a result, I have healthy, communication with men, my husband and kids. I’ve also shed 40lbs that I never regained and broke-through money-mindset struggles.

Think about it…

There are people at work, in your neighborhood or maybe even in your own house that have similar internal struggles, and they don’t do anything about it. They don’t realize how much it’s affecting them. But it is.

You don't have to take time off from your life to do this. And, I have a way to expedite your healing faster and more effectively. Keep reading. 

I was still showing up to work as I was healing all that stuff I shared! And it paid off.

Start your healing. Don’t waste another minute on coping.

You can start right now by grabbing a pen and paper and sitting down with yourself. Use my signature process, the F.I.T. Method, which stands for Focus, Inward, Target.

The F.I.T. Method

The F.I.T. Method is a process I created to internalize goals using neuroscience. Think of it as advanced creative problem solving, clearing out unwanted subconscious baggage and reinforcing your innate strengths and values. You will be learning and integrating my version of self hypnosis. Essentially, Instead of looking outside for the answers, you’ll learn a method for looking within and deeply trusting yourself.   

Isn’t it time you acknowledge your value and internalize healing?

How it Works

Use this process to share with yourself the words you always felt you needed to hear. Let go of the need to hear them from a particular person. Waiting for that may only cause you years of unnecessary suffering.

This is your healing and your life. Take charge of it.

Step 1

Use the F.I.T. Method: Place your hand on your heart.

Fixate your eyes on a particular spot. It can be on the ceiling or across the room. Don’t take your eyes from that spot, even if you feel the urge to look around. Fixate. This technique helps you to fend off distractions and tells your mind its time to focus.

Step 2

Begin practicing deep breathing. Take in a full deep breath, hold it at the top for 4-5 seconds and then exhale. This type of breathing is used by first responders, military and athletes. It is used in elite training and allows you to stay focused in high stress situations. It is proven to lower blood pressure, release stress and tension, even positively effect your heart and organs.

Step 3

With your eyes open and focused, your breathing commenced, know that you will soon notice your eyes become heavy and as you count backwards to yourself from 5 down to 1. Your eyes will become tired from the stare and will desire to close. Follow that prompt.

Focusing inward, begin to connect with those thoughts, feelings and words that you have always wanted to hear. Share them with yourself in the most compassionate and loving form. This is key. The entire goal of this exercise is to be acknowledged of your value. Stop waiting for someone else to acknowledge you. You do it for you. 

Why it's different

When you do this exercise with eyes open and from an analytical point of view, you may get caught up in judgment and blame. You don’t need more of that. Most likely, you’ve been working through that yucky stuff for years. 


This is not an act of ego, in fact, when you are in a alpha and theta state, ego is not present. It is vital to the process that you become centered within yourself. You'll discover by doing this, that you'll experience a heart connectedness. The Heart Math Institue says, "Negative emotions can create a nervous system chaos, but positive emotions do the opposite."

When you use the F.I.T. Method to focus inward and target, your heart, soul and subconscious automatically lead the way and will embrace you like a giant hug.

Please share your experience in the comments below or click reply to share with me privately. I respect your healing and uphold you with the spirit of intention.

When your mind is clear and at peace, it’s amazing the magnificent health you can create.


De'Anna Nunez is a professional Hypnotist working with companies and individuals striving to create overall best health, well being and performance. 

Work with De'Anna today! 


 *These exercises are not meant to treat or prescribe mental illness. Please see your Doctor. 


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