The New F.I.T. You 

Top Athletes always have a Mindset Coach and so should you! As a business person your success depends upon your ability to stretch your mindset to achieve higher levels of success while maintaining optimal health. 

Imagine having De'Anna's expertise as your behind-the-scenes magic. What could you breakthrough and transform?

De'Anna's signature process:

  • Peak Performance Habits in health and self care, money and productivity
  • Deep-dive Breakthrough Sessions 
  • Control over triggers and would-be setbacks
  • Stress and Mind management

Investment starts at $3000-$12,000.00

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Coaching with De'Anna

One on one coaching is a unique experience of rewiring your mind to breakthrough psychological limitations and internalize the vision, belief and habits of your goals for faster, more effective results. Reveal, Release and ReCode.

Have you ever been derailed from your goals? You're so focused, but then something happens. Learn how to navigate that problem better by shifting your mindset prior to falling off track. 
Free download of De'Anna's  - Never Get Derailed Again: The 5 Keys to Creating an Unshakeable Mindset Ebook

As a result of De'Anna's Coaching

Jenn Quinn changed her life.

Your Personal Hypnotist

Facilitating for YOU the Breakthrough You Need to Succeed


As a result of my 3 step process to Reveal, Release and ReCode your subconscious.


  • Increased confidence and self-belief
  • Higher levels of abundance
  • Increased self-trust for decision making
  • Letting go of heavy life-stuff
  • Soar to new heights without sacrificing your health
  • Mental focus and certainty
  • Business Thrive with Money Mindset Breakthroughs
  • Increased Self Worth
  • Motivation to Exercise and manage energy better

My signature BREAKTHROUGH process is based in science and quantum physics.  Stanford University says, “Hypnosis is a trancelike, highly focused concentration.”   It is in this state, that we can get an enormous amount of work done in re-designing how you view your self identity and your internal subconscious assets.

As a result of De'Anna's Breakthrough Session

Lynda released a mental block that had held her back for years.

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Breakthrough Sessions

Work with De'Anna on a specific topic for one Breakthrough session or a series of sessions.

Breakthrough Session
Option #2

This is your opportunity to work with De'Anna 1:1 and increase the pace to your goals exponentially.

De'Anna facilitates her signature process of Reveal, Release and Recode to help you connect the dots, feeling more on fire than ever before.  Expect to let go of past burdens or the stuff in the back of your head and wake up to an unbelievably amazing future.  90 minutes in person, over the phone or Zoom. 

Clients utilize this session to address a variety of needs, for example: 

  • Health & weight loss mindset
  • Overcome a personal struggle
  • Phobia or Fear 
  • Sports Performance Focus


Program Value $700.00

Your Investment  $499.00

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Next Level Hypno-Coaching

Secure De'Anna as your personal HypnoCoach. Top level elite athletes and CEO's depend on a personal mindset coach as part of their success team. Now you can have De'Anna as your behind-the-scenes-success coach that keeps you on track to achieve big-time goals that you know require an extra, internal mindset shift to think bigger and manage stress.

Breakthrough Session
Option #3

Focus on Money Mindset Breakthrough

Great for entrpreneurs or executives with a vision to grow! This is your opportunity to breakthrough that stuff in your head that's been holding you back. 

In this session De'Anna will Reveal, Release and Recode your money mindset and shift your subconscious liabilities into assets.

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"De’Anna is the real deal! She lives what she preaches! Mind, Body Fitness! De’Anna literally helped me gain perspectives on all these areas of my life! I was stuck on why I couldn’t get healthy. She gave me the necessary tools I needed for my breakthroughs! So far 17.7 lbs healthier and looking forward to more! Love this gal for saving my life!!"

- Martha Lazo Munoz, CEO of MLM Medical Staffing

"De'Anna is THE BEST. Hands down. Or should I say "hands up" LOL She coached me through all the trauma of my past and helped me create new habits and supported me through so many things in my life. She even got me to do pubic speaking and overcome my limiting belief that I couldn't because I was shy. She's now my friend and I freakin love her."

– Chantelle Neufeld, Hypnotist & Coach at Mindful Regeneration 


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