June 29th

Inner Transformation Salon

When is the last time you allowed yourself to be transformed by something meaningful?

A Salon is a centuries-old tradition; gathering incredible people to come together around a topic, and a featured expert, to eat, drink, talk, learn and create community.

And this one, is not just for the ladies! 

This Salon Party is designed to create transformation.

Leave anxiety and stress behind, and learn ancient eastern techniques for a truly masterful life. 


  • Special Guest Expert, Kai Van Bodhi - Peak Performace Coach
  • De'Anna Nunez- High Performance Hypnotist 
  • Special Cacoa closing ceremony 

 Join us on the Empowerment Patio at Sunset

  • Delicious charcuterie, mocktails, wine and deserts

Thursday, June 29th, 6:00-9:30pm 

August 2023


Are you ready for a Ladies Mini Retreat?  Join us for an incredible evening together. 

  • Group Hypnosis Session so you can positively internalize confidence, gratitude and joy, so you can regulate emotions and your nervous system.
  • Create your own glass Succulent Terrarium with sand art so you can commemorate your Hypnotic experience.
  • Fill up your heart and mind with lightheartedness
  • Join us for a beautiful morning on the ocean view Empowerment Patio. 

We'll be sipping Wine and mocktails and enjoying a gorgeous charcuterie. 

Thursday, August 24th


 *Limited to 10 guests


Hi, It's De'Anna!

It was blazing hot that day. Yet with a magic in the air, we all gathered at the Taj Mahal feeling the wonderment of one's imagination and love. 

It's amazing how the human spirit can create such a possibility when directed. 

I'm glad you're here. 

It is my honor to bring you these Empowerment Retreats at my headquarters in Del Mar, CA as an extension of that mission.

Together, we'll enjoy creating these beautiful symbols of life's joy on the ocean-view Empowerment Patio

Let's Connect. Create. Grow.