Mindset: When You Get Thrown Off Your Exercise Routine

exercise mindset Jun 25, 2019

Hi friends, I have a question for ya! When you get thrown off your routine, what do you do to adjust quickly? 

When new people sign up for my online program Change Up Your LIfe Challenge, they often say, "well I'm just not exercising anymore and I need to get back on track." 

I'll ask, what threw you off? 

They 'll respond with things like...

"My business has taken all my time and it's super stressful."

"I got sick."

"When winter came I stopped going outside."

"My schedule changed and I couldn't exercise at the same time anymore."

"I twisted my ankled." 

"I've been working long hours." 

Now you may think these are legitimate reasons, especially the twisted ankled or sickness. But I want you to look at these from a different perspective for a moment. 

All the above reasons do have solutions. They do not have to throw you off. 

For Example: 

  • When you've dialed in your mindset to be a fit and healthy person. Your mind thinks that way 24/7. When you're sick, a few yoga stretches and a walk outside does your mind and body so much good. Walking allows you to breathe again. 


  • When your business is high pressure and you're required to put in long hours to keep all the balls in the air juggling, that just means you are not putting yourself on the task list. You may end up with a successful business but you could also cause yourself a stroke, heart conditions, anxiety attacks, weight gain, sleepless nights in the interim. Your success is short lived or is not overall success because you won't be able to keep up that demand forever. You need to install boundaries in your schedule to take care of yourself. To start, ask yourself why your health hasn't mattered to you?


  • When you have a body part that isn't up to par, let's say plantar fasciitis or a screwy knee is flaring up, you can switch to pilates and work on your core strength. You don't even have to put pressure on your lower body and still get in proper movement. 


  • Winter arrives every year. You can certainly be mentally prepared for that and decide beforehand what you'll be doing to stay fit. 


Don't overthink this stuff! When your mind is focused on the fact that you have a desire to be fit, you'll discover the multitude of ways to make it happen. Which means, dial in your mind first! 

You can use Hypnosis as a tool to get your mind focused. I have a F.I.T. Session audio mp3 called Exercise Motivation. Use that! Certainly, some of you reading this now are already in my programs, and you have all the tools you need. I'm not concerned about you guys! But for the rest of you all, c'mon friends, let's get going. 

It matters that you exercise. 

Harvard health says, "Regular exercise changes the brain to improve memory and thinking skills." That alone should be a reason you need it and want it. My grandmother jogged for 30 minutes every day through her 90's. She was spry and sharp as a whip to the day she passed, peacefully in her sleep at 103. 

So often we think of exercise as something we do just to fit into our pants. Being and feeling lean is a great reason to exercise. It's an added bonus. But what if it's more than that?

I'm asking you to consider just how darn good you feel when you have a regular exercise routine in your life.

  • You are more mentally clear
  • Managing stress
  • Sleep better
  • Emotionally happy
  • Breathe with ease
  • Brain alterness
  • You can wear all the clothes in your closet
  • More social 
  • And more....

So let's go friends. Stay on top of this part of your life. Make it matter. 







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