Your G.O. Moment: The Secret to Making Continual Progess

mindset Jun 22, 2019

The secret power to your success may be more accessible than you might think. It's not far off in the distance. You don't even have to go search very hard for it. 

Your success is not based on an external win like a new job position, accolades and awards or losing 40lbs in the latest, trendy meal plans. Those things can be very temporary.

The secret to your long term success is what I'm about to expose. 

I often feel the best part of my job as a professional Hypnotist is working with you to dissolve old ways of thinking (mental blocks). So often my clients are astounded at what we reveal together and because of that, they experience a true breakthrough.

Just yesterday a client said, "Thank you for re-introducing me to myself and my greatness." (read her full testimonial here)

The secet to the success of my programs are how they are designed to wake you up. Whether it's the way you've been addressing your health, or the lack of confidence you've displayed in your work, career or decision making. Addressing those issues are key! 

Don't build a strong mindset upon a weakened foundation. 

I see many people doing just that. They are learning about the power of mindset and praciticing the skills of mindfulness (consciousness) but they've skipped focusing on the subconscious. 

Big mistake. 

The subconscious is formed from years of family, culture, and environmental conditioning. Throw in a few hardships too and you may have developed an unconscious bias to struggle. (That is a weak foundation).

Positive thinking is a wonderful tool for maintaining a good attitude. It's the first thing you may do when you embark on a new venture.

You say, "Think positive!"

But the problem with using positive thinking as your way of doing things is your brain is hard wired for struggle. You may find that you're working against your unconscious. Thinking positive is using will power and not only can that get exhausting, but science has already provded that will power is fleeting. You only have so much will power in a day.

Now that doesn't mean you shouldn't think positive, certainly do, but there's more to it. 

The kind of success that creates true fulfillment and can never be exhausted, is built from a much deeper part of you. 

Your subconscious.


You must do your own excavating within and build a solid platform to grow. Neuroscience shows us, thinking habits are built in the brain. Over 65% of your habits are unconscious. This is why change can be hard, because often you're not even aware of what actually needs to change! 

But, once you have revealed, released and recoded your subconscious, it's solid. Dependable. 

For instance, when you look at your body, what might you be mentally recycling without being conscious of it?

"Im getting old."

"I'm not feeling so good in my body anymore." 

Or, you look at your bank account and unconsciously say, "I wonder if I'll ever have the money I want to have." 

I love the quote from Henry David Thoreau. He says, "It's not what you look at that matters. It's what you see." Your greatest power is within your mind and the encouraging, compassionate perspective you have with yourself. Instead of seeing wrinkles, see a well-lived life. Instead of seeing what you are not, see what you are doing about it. 

Be actionable. Think..."I am getting stronger and wiser every day." 

Until you address your internal processes, nothing will change. You want your thinking habits to be aligned with a daily action that is connected to an overall goal. 

About twenty years ago I fell in love with reading. It's now become a habit. Prior to that, I had a hard time finishing a whole book. But once I became obsessed with changing my life experience, I also became hungry for tools to create the change and it made me wildly courageous. (That's also why I became a Hypnotist!)

Show me... your brave. 

Pema Chodron, the incredible author of The Places That Scare You says, "Nothing really ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know." I have personally and professionally found that to be incredibly true. I think that's why I am so relentless to help my clients overcome setbacks and strongholds. I personally know the freedom I've created for them through the processes I've worked hard to develop. 

So here's what you can do...

When you have a moment that makes you start doubting yourself, don't stop your momentum. Instead G.O.! But don't just foolishly move forward with only a positive attitude. Instead...

G.O. - That is an acronym for Growth Opportunity. Scrupulously look for the Growth Opportunities in every situation. Yes!! Create your own miracles. 

Be ready for it. 

When you are stepping out to accomplish something is when all of your resistance for change will rise up (you may even see your friends and family rise up against you too). Sometimes like a wall in your way!  (Go listen to what my client Jennifer said about breaking down her walls, click here)

When this's an opportunity for amazing growth. Those that dare look within (is that you?) will find all the tools you need to conquer and build a greater foundation. 

Don't hate on yourself or others. Be kind. 

Don't become negative Nancy. Be Optimist Kate! 

So often, when you feel that resistance, you instead stop in your tracks and disable your success. You get down on yourself. 

Next time.....

When you hear yourself getting down on your body, your business, or your progress, G.O.! (Growth Opportunity)  Be aware of that untrue, internal conversation and learn from it. Ask yourself, "What is it that I receive from not believing in myself?"

To change something, you must change something. Start by reframing how you talk to yourself and have the courage to better understand the root cause deep within (And call me! I can help expedite your growth). 

Your subconscoious holds all the power. 

To expedite your personal growth, look into booking a Reveal, Release, ReCode Breakthrough Sessions for yourself here 


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