Breakthrough Your Money Blocks

mindset money May 04, 2019

Are you saying, “Me, me, me, I do!”  Yes, me too. I mean, there’s adventures we want to have with our families, neighborhoods we dream of living in, and let’s be real, there’s debt we don’t want to have. Success means different things to different people, but money is a part of our lives in a very blatant way and we’ve got to figure it out and make it work for us.

This is what I’ve come to know…"I am worth $175.00" (or so I thought).  This affirmative thought popped up as a result of doing internal money breakthrough work. You see... I have a process I take my clients through that bypasses mindset and tunnels deep into the subconscious, I call it Reveal, Release, Recode. It's pretty darn incredible and has garnered consistent, predictable breakthroughs. I trust the process and so do my clients.

 (Any of my awesome clients that have experienced my Breakthrough session, feel free to pop in here and share your results in the comments). I'm not here to primarily promote my work, rather to get you to think about your MONEY BLOCKS and I'm willing to share my dirty laundry as an example to my point and invite you to figure out yours.


I love my work so much that I'd do it for free (and I have). But I also know that if I don't charge what I'm worth, than even with the amazing transformations I facilitate for people through my work and how incredible that feels, me and my family would be left not living in that same abundance that I create for others. And, eventually I would go out of business, robbing me of the opportunity to share my purpose, gifts and skillsets. That would feel like a tragedy and a life unlived.


I believe in the neuroscience of my work. I've seen the results both in deep subconscious transformation, daily mindset and behavior change and it's awe inspiring. People have shifted their beliefs about money and tripled their income, dropped a hundred pounds, let go of life long emotional pain, and even little things like no longer eating Cheetos (it was a quirky habit they wanted to break).

I also practice my own work, hence the revealing of the above quote...."I am worth $175.00"

Courageously exploring my insides, and I say courageously because c'mon, it can be scary to look in there. It's much easier to just keep trudging forward. Courageously going on an exploration of the beliefs I've attached to money several things popped up for me.

"Only if it's on sale."

"That's too expensive."

"Rich people are flashy.”

“It says in the Bible money is the root of all evil.

While taking this exploration these were all beliefs from my mother rising up from the ethers of my mind. As I shifted from thinking to feeling (that’s the key in every Breakthrough session I facilitate) I heard the words…”You’re worth $175.00”.

I stopped my thoughts abruptly like a dog had darted in front of my car. I realized, those were not anyone’s actual words said to me from the outside. They were my words, perpetuating from my inner mind.

I suddenly thought with a gasp of breath, “What?!! Where did that come from?”

Instantly the deep cry in my gut connected the dots. That is the exact amount my Dad paid for me in child support every single month for over ten years. (Now here’s the part where you can imagine me jaw-dropped and stunned.) Holy sh!t.

My Mom was extremely controlling with money and I knew I had already been working through all kinds of messed up patterns from that, but this, this revelation hit me like a feeling of devastation, as if a tornado dropped from the sky like they do in Oklahoma and wiped out my house in a matter of minutes. My heart busted into a million fragmented pieces and I burst into tears.

As a kid I did not see my Dad as often as I had liked to as my Mom was so resentful of him, she made sure visitation was minimal. There was a deep longing and sadness for him. He was already raising another family and that monthly payment was my mother’s only leverage and revenge. I can recall frequent talk on both sides about that child support check and it had everything to do with me. Me and that money were the pipeline between three people that despised eachother. It went on for years. Mother saying, “Your Dad needs to deliver that check today.” And, my Dad and step mother saying, “We always made sure we made that payment for you.” As if $175.00 is my worth. 

 Here is some expert advice based on twenty years of Hypnotherapy experience. When you’re running a business and finding it difficult to charge what you’re worth or you’re living life and wrestling with the same financial problems over and over, don’t assume there is something wrong with you that can’t be fixed. Instead, be the smart, courageous person you are and do the internal work to uncover your money mess. You don’t need to be fixed, because you’re not broken, you just have some cleaning to do. Consider it a privilige! 

I quickly got to work using my tools to clear up that message from my mind. And you can too! Your success is not in the size of your waistline or the money in your bank account, those are byproducts of your beliefs and habits. Neuroscience dispels the mysticism and shows how clearly we can create change when necessary and design our minds to match our wholeheartedness.

I urge you to experience your own breakthrough. It requires desire, courage and action. (And perhaps a little help!)

 Over the years, there are many positions I unknowingly put myself in that reflected the glass ceiling of my money worthiness, or rather my unworthiness. Thankfully, I have busted that glass for some time now and have seen the evidence of the mindshift. Doing so has helped me tremendously in making more sound decisions and positioning my work as the gold medal standard that it is. I’ve also grown my understanding of money and stopped making it mean something that it doesn’t. I’m here to help you do the same.

I no longer beat myself up or think that I’m inept in some way. Compassion for that younger part of me has filled me with prosperity. The insightful Wayne Dyer once shared, “When I chased after money, I never had enough. When I got my life on purpose and focused on giving of myself and everything that arrived into my life, then I was prosperous.”

Want to make more money or have a healthier relationship with it? Open the treasure chest found in the depths of your heart and mind and uncover your riches.

If you found value in this sincere posting, please comment below. Perhaps you'll express by raising your hand as if to say, "Yes I'm next, I want to uncover my riches!" 


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