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Over 1,000 Powerful Presentations & Trainings on the Subconscious Mind

De'Anna Nunez is a Board Certified Hypnotist and CEO of Vital Mind Inc., a conscious, global training and development Company on a mission to empower mind, body and business health through interactive edutainment, online courses, private training, retreats and speaking events.

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De'Anna Nunez is one of America's leading interactive-learning edutainers. Having successfully contracted over 1,000+ presentations and rocked the stage for Fortune 500 companies, The U.S. Marine Corps, Norwegian Cruise Lines and large organization events such as the National Boy Scout Jamboree, edutaining over 10,000 Boy Scouts, De'Anna has garnered extensive experience leading audiences through signature processes that engage, motivate, increase focus, broaden vision and internalize success.

Her expertise as a Board Certified Hypnotist is in showcasing the subconscious facets of success to supply your audience with valuable learning takeaways they can apply immediately. 


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#1 Best Selling Author 

De'Anna Nunez is a #1 Best Selling CoAuthor and Author of three books on Mindset for Health and Business. 

  • Selling with Synchronicity: 7 Shifts to Make Selling Fun & Easy
  • Burn Your Fat Pants: How to Ditch Diets, Lose Weight and Love yourself More
  • It's Not About the Food: Personal Stories and Inspiration from Health Coaches
  • Soon to be Released- The F.I.T. Method:  Breakthrough to a Healthy Weight You Can Hypnotically Create


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"Your mind is the most powerful asset you have."


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