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Your Heart Will Explode with Gratitude After You Use This Problem Solving Goal-Guide

This 3 Step Breakthrough ebook is a full-color visual guide to getting out of your own way and living the life you really want. It's full of vision and practical steps to get you there using Hypnosis and Focus. Success is a system...Make It Happen!

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De'Anna Nunez champions people to have the courage to rise. She is a Board Certified Hypnotist, an Accredited ICBCH Hypnotist Trainer and Author of the F.I.T. Method. She leads professionals, executives and athletes to focus, inward and target the mind on exactly what you need to succeed. From peak performance to self care, her signature methodology connects the power of the subconscious mind to ignite belief and align the key emotions and habits that produce transformative results.

#1 Best Selling Author 

De'Anna Nunez is a #1 Best Selling CoAuthor and Author of five books on Subconscious Reprogramming for optimal Health and Personal Success.
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Is Your Mind Getting in the Way?

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Reveal, Release and Recode is my Heart Centered Performance  process that frees you from unnecessary mental looping and anxiety. If you are bumping up against your own self-inflicted limitations you will 100% benefit from my in-depth process, created to get you in a flow state and free from mental and emotional burdens of the past. 

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  • More Optimistic and Focused with Tools to Better Manage Your Mind and Emotions

  • Feeling Energetic and Clear about Your Life and Goals

  • More Self Aware, Confident and Productive 

Imagine this feeling...

You know with certainty you are on your chosen path. Your body is in optimal health because you are consistent with health habits. You are no longer toiling with self judgement, your mind is focused on the good in your life and your emotions fuel your happiness and creative spirit. You feel like you are truly creating your best life, every day.

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You can work with De'Anna online or in person at her Del Mar, California Vitalmind Studio. Book a complimentary consultation now to discuss which program is right for you.

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"Your mind and heart are the most valuable assets you have. Use them to create abundance in your life. Play your vision through your mind to set a powerful intention and maximize it with the feeling of courage and willingness every single day."

"De’Anna is someone I feel everyone needs to know about and the results of working with her warrant my highest recommendation. Her hypnosis and wise counsel have been instrumental in my transition out of the Marines after 24 years."

Max Garcia
Former Sergeant Major (24 years) of the United States Marine Corps Amphibious Troops

"I came to her to help me with a two foot putt and my whole life changed. What De'Anna does is more than just a Hypnotist, it’s so much more involved. It’s much deeper than what I imagined in the beginning. I was trapped by my own mind, everything I looked at was with anxiety, now everything is with possibility. All of this happened in a short period of time. I'm a smart guy, yet she helped me recognize that I was thinking with irrational thoughts. The turn around happened so fast. I'm amazed that I had as many meaningful breakthroughs that I have."

Terry Walsh
Golf Professional

"The visual in my head was that I'm here and I have this big wall and I didn't know how to break it down, crawl over it, get around it to the other side. That's what you helped me do. The sessions changed me and after each session it felt like a new day. "

Jennifer Quinlan
Actor, Model, Advocate against Domestic Violence

De'Anna's Contracted with and Performed for Top National and Worldwide Brands


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