Success is Not a Secret, it's an Internal System

"The visualization techniques she took us through and linking back to our team meeting goals were absolutely fantastic."

Laurie Robbins Miller
Vice President of Human Resources, Alliance Healthcare Services

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"There are many speakers out there and then there is De'Anna Nunez. One of the most talented and highly skilled speakers I have ever seen and an amazing breakthrough coach. What I love most about De'Anna is she actually walks the walk and her content is so helpful for executives and team members across all business segments. If you are looking for a speaker who knows how to connect with the hearts and minds of your team members and offers tools they can actually implement immediately, then you came to the right place. "

Violet Rainwater
Speaker Manager, Speaker & Trainer, Mental Health Advocate

Super Charge Your Mind  with What You Need to Succeed

Through an interactive training experience De'Anna delivers High Performance Hypnosis techniques that empower mindset breakthroughs so team members can thrive and contribute more profoundly. With over 1,000+ successful presentations contracted, De'Anna brings energy and experience to your event. 

"De'Anna fills the room with energy and has a gift connecting with people. "

Merrilee Neal
Susan G. Komen San Diego, Board of Directors

"One of the most powerful things you can do as a leader is demonstrate who you authentically are and what you value ."- De'Anna Nunez

"She really connected well with our employees. Wonderful enthusiasm. We loved her.""

Keenan Stockton
President, First State Bank of Texas


Like Yoda to Luke Skywalker, you and De’Anna Nunez become a trusted team.

She gets in your head and makes you a believer. She trains on the psychology and behaviors of success and personalizes it to you. Her Neuroscience-based High-Performance HypnosisTM  techniques are a tool she uses to activate a powerful Subconscious Integration SystemTM. How does this effect the bottom line?

  • Higher Engagement and Personal Drive
  • Improved Productivity Habits
  • Influence on Contribution and Culture
  • Attitude of Joy and Service

Her strategies are designed to strengthen performance without sacrificing optimal health. With stress being known to have a strong effect on mental focus, her techniques ward off distraction so you can concentrate your efforts through a highly focused mind and body.

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You'll be the hero bringing in De'Anna as your edutaining Keynote Speaker. She delivers the perfect balance of charged energy, insightful storytelling and meaningful key points.

"She had the entire ballroom enthralled."

-Mercury Insurance

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