My system teaches you to Focus, Inward, and Target your mind and habits. You can take charge and develop your ultimate healthy weight wellness!


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"Mind Body FIT Club is an amazing group of women who get it! They understand the ins and outs of weight loss and weight gain, and the things in life that can effect those drastic changes. Founder De'Anna Nunez is a wealth of information. She provides valuable tools that dramatically change the way you see yourself and you start loving who you are today! De'Anna guides you to a healthy mental state by clearing the way for productive weight loss and longevity in a healthy-lifestyle. I love MBFC for all it has given me and the tools I never had before. I’m proud to be a life long MBFC lady!"

-Genelle Rich, Top Performer at Easterby & Associates


Mind Body Fit Club specializes in High Performance Hypnosis and Subconscious Integration. It is a program designed for those women wanting to fully embrace their confidence and self belief, let go of outdated emotional (stress) eating patterns and embody a healthy lifestyle.


Have you ever said...,


         "I'm the last on my list."

"I'm too busy to focus on it. I try, but always end up starting over."

"I join fitness classes and then don't go."

"I just like to eat too much."

"I don't want to give up  CARBS?!"

                  "I'm All or Nothing."


You don't have to go back to your old ways. People do change. Are you ready to be one of them? -De'Anna

My clients say,

“De’Anna, you helped me connect the dots as to why I was doing what I was doing. It feels like a revelation! I learned to take responsibility for my results and what it really means to be healthy in mind and body."

I have met SO MANY PEOPLE who tell me about their struggles to stay at a healthy weight. They swing between all or nothing behavior. 

 All or Nothing? 

It’s a vicious cycle. 

If you think you lack the ability to be consistent, it's not true. That's just something you've subconsciously repeated. 

I can help you change that! 

How many of these do you have?

  • Emotionally eating from learned behaviors in your childhood or as a reaction to stress?
  • Attached to food as your friend or self soothing need?
  • Unaware you are subconsciously viewing food as the reward?
  • Holding onto outdated ideas about your self?
  • Talking down to yourself in your inner self talk? 
  • Not forgiving yourself or others?
  • Self punishment or self protection? 

The F.I.T. Method will shift your mindset and create lasting results.

"The committed people here and the authenticity have touched my heart! I always come away feeling loved, listened to and like I belong. De’Anna has created and holds together this beautiful space with her unique skills that literally get our minds in a space that is sustainable for life. We are all challenged at our own pace, but watching everyone’s growth adds to my own. The honesty and compassion blows me away! Getting rid of the diet culture is a continuing theme in MBFC and it is a perfect fit for me. De’Anna’s effervescence is contagious!! Come join us!" -RaNae Bennett, Retired School Teacher, Creator of Analogies of Nature

"I've released over 100lbs."

Mind Body Fit Club, aka DeAnna Nunez, Coach and friend has given me knowledge, which gave me the option to have a better understanding of my goals in life. Over the last 8 years since I’ve been a member she has taught me relaxation, clarity and most importantly: the ability to love myself, no matter what size I am. I love MBFC, but most importantly, I love the way, DeAnna doesn’t give up. She doesn’t give up on her own goals, dreams or aspirations, and that gives me permission to keep saying it’s okay to have mine. I love the vulnerability she has with all of us MBFC gals, it breeds vulnerability in the rest of us and the power and clarity we get through that is why I say we’re friends. She gets all the stars from me! - Starr Marie, Intuitive and Tarot Reader

Starr Story

Starr is one of our Stars in Mind Body FIT Club! She's shed over 100 pounds while facing one of the most challenging stretches of her life. IF SHE CAN DO IT SO CAN YOU! Her motto? "I have an extreme amount of faith." Listen in to more of what Starr has to share.


Jaylene transformed her mind, body and life.

She released 105 pounds, tripled her income and has now met the love of her life.


Ready for the Change Up Your Life Challenge?

Are you in? 

Ready to change up how you do life?

No more falling off-track, or looping in old-patterns. This is a science-based methodology that I've made fun!

My system targets your subconscious setpoints and creates breakthroughs that change your life.

Within the 12 pillars of mindset success you’ll develop sustainable skillsets with my proven

Mind-Body FIT Method.


Join me in class online in April!

Implement my therapeutic, Mind-Body-Emotions F.I.T. Method and my 12 Pillars of Healthy Weight Wellness Classes.

  1. VISION : Class 1> Create a greater vision for you & your life. What would you do if you knew you could only succeed?
  2. HABIT: Class 2 > One Amazing Habit: De'Anna's ONE AMAZING HABIT system teaches you how to create a keystone habit that causes all other tiny habits to fall into place.
  3. PURPOSE:  Class 3 > You must dig deep, beyond your skinny jeans, and get connected to your big juicy why
  4. PERSONAL GROWTH: Class 4 > Explore Root Cause so you can Let Go of old patterns & Let In your greatness
  5. STRENGTH & EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Class 5> Identify your values and learn to master your emotions.
  6. SUBCONSCIOUS BLOCKS: Class 6>  Learn techniques to communicate with your your Subconscious and provoke positive change
  7. MINDSET SHIFTS: Class 7> Internalize and condition new beliefs with the power of High Performance self Hypnosis
  8. SELF TALK: Class 8> Become Your Own Best Friend and Retrain Your internal language
  9. HEALTHY EATING SELF MASTERY: Class 9 > Redesign your mind for mastering going out and staying focused wherever you eat.
  10. DISCIPLINE: Class 10> Explore your internal associations with discipline and learn how to Reframe  how you utilize Self Discipline in your life.
  11. FORGIVENESS: Class 11> The power of letting go and surrender, and how that relates to weight
  12. PROGRESS: Class 12> Celebrate milestones and live in a state of active faith


Rapid Mindset Reinforcement!

BONUS! A Vital Part of this Incredible System is our 12 Hypnotherapy Meditation Audios called F.I.T. Sessions

These F.I.T. Sessions will: 

  • Dissolve sugar cravings
  • Increase motivation and focus
  • Seed Your Mind to Crave Healthy Food Choices
  • Dramatically Lower Stress & Anxiety
  • Motivate You to Exercise and Move More
  • Exchange negative self talk into a beneficial inner cheerleader
"I listen to De'Anna's Hypnosis system on my phone at night before I go to bed. I wake up feeling confident and motivated. There's something about those audios that are like magic." - Lisa T., CA. 


Work with De'Anna choosing an option that aligns with your needs and level of engagement you desire.

F.I.T. Method Program + Book Club


1 Year Access to your Course and Club

  • Full Online Mind Body F.I.T. Method program- The Change Up Your Life Challenge ($498.00)
  • Mind Body F.I.T. Life Book for you and a friend ($33.96-shipped Free)
  • Weekly LIVE Master Class with De'Anna as she teaches from her book. Join the camaraderie and joy! Starts in April. 
  • Mind Body Fit Club Annual Membership ($360.00)

+++BONUS!! -2 Online or Live Workshop Ticket ($250.00)

+++BONUS! - Nutrition Meal Plan (75.00) 

+++Grocery Guide ($30.00)

A Value of $1,246.96

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Private Coaching + 1 year access to your Course and Club

  • 4- Private Breakthrough Sessions with De'Anna (90 minutes each valued at $1992.00)
  • Full Online F.I.T. Method Progam (valued at $498.00)
  • 3- Mind Body F.I.T. Life Book's for you and your friends (valued at $50.94)
  • Weekly LIVE Master Class with De'Anna as she teaches from her book. Join the camaraderie and joy! Starts in April. 
  • Mind Body Fit Club Annual Membership (Valued at $360.00)

+++BONUS! - 2 Online or Live Workshop Tickets (Valued at $250.00)

+++BONUS! - Nutrition Meal Plan (75.00) 

+++Grocery Guide ($30.00)

A Value of $3,150.94 packaged for you as a special offering at $1997.00. 

Work with De'Anna & Join the Club!

EVOLVE + Book Club


1 year private Coaching program + 1 Year access to your Course and Club

1 Year of Weekly Private Sessions (De'Anna as your personal, performance Coach)

  • 52 HypnoCoaching and Breakthrough Sessions every week (valued at $17,264.00)
  • 1- VIP Day in your hometown or De'Anna's (6 hour day with De'Anna valued at $5,000.00) Deep-dive into a customized, detailed plan for your success or use your day as a Training Day for you and your friends or colleagues.
  • Full Online F.I.T. Method program
  • 6- Mind Body F.I.T. Life books for you and your friends
  • Weekly LIVE Master Class with De'Anna as she teaches from her book. Join the camaraderie and joy! Starts in April. 
  • Mind Body Fit Club Annual Membership

+++BONUS!! - 3 Online or Live Workshop Tickets for you and your friends

+++BONUS! - Nutrition Meal Plan (75.00) 

+++Grocery Guide ($30.00)

(Only 8 3 spots currently open. Waitlisted once filled.)

12 payments of $1,000.00

or $11,000 paid in full

*accepted by Application Only

Work with De'Anna privately for 1 Year & join the club!


Mind Body F.I.T. Life comes FREE with your full program, or you can pre-order your copy now. 

Publish date March 28th, 2020


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