Grow exponentially. EVOLVE!

You've got new adventures calling you. As your growth and performance Coach, I'm here to be your catalyst. 


A year long Coaching program designed for you to live your best life, let your old patterns go and set your heart on fire for who you're becoming.

"My highest recommendation"

"I have known De’Anna and been a hypno-coaching client for almost 2 years now so I am long overdue to write a recommendation. I have purposely only written 3 recommendations on Linkedin to avoid degrading the process however, De’Anna is someone I feel everyone needs to know about and the results of working with her warrant my highest recommendation. Her hypnosis and wise counsel have been instrumental in my transition out of the Marines after 24 years. I cannot emphasize enough the amount of effort she has put in to help my family and I. I welcome your message for more details on how she not only met but exceed my expectations in her hypnosis, coaching, and public speaking. I look forward to her teaching me how take it all to the next level."

-Max Garcia, #1 Best Selling Author, Former Sgt. Major US Marines

"Powerful Catalyst"

"I have been working with De'Anna for almost 2 years. She has been the powerful catalyst in the transformation I have been seeking for some time. Three words come to mind in the work we have done.
Courage, Awareness and Grace. 
 I have pushed through my fears and succeeded! So much had been holding me back. The healing and growth in my relationships with my husband and most importantly with myself are the biggest changes. I have experienced worthiness breakthroughs and I'm now able to routinely give myself grace. That's after a lifetime of beating myself up. 
De'Anna is a unique and extremely wise woman I highly recommend." - Bonnie Roehrs

"A Priceless Gift"

"De'Anna has been by my side every step of the way. Thru the joy, the pain and the growth. She's always willingly and lovingly there to support and hold me up to my highest potential. The Hypnosis is the cherry on the Sunday! She is a priceless gift." 

- Jennifer Quinlan, Actress, Model, Advocate for Domestic Violence Prevention

Who Are You at Your Best? And, Who Are You Becoming?

EVOLVE is a 1 year transformational coaching program designed for you, the individual who wants to maximize your gifts, skill sets, expertise and life values and package them into your best life. You want both mindset-development, belief attunement, energy management as well as professional insights to leverage your growth.


-1 Year of weekly Growth and Performance Coaching

-High Performance Hypnosis

-Heart-Centered Performance Training

- 6 Hour VIP Day with  De'Anna in San Diego (includes an elegant dinner)

-Breakthrough imposter syndrome, build confidence, develop skills

-Leadership growth, mindset shift, speaking and presentation skills, confidence exercises 

-Master your coaching skillsets to facilitate breakthroughs for others

-Health and Fitness Mindset and accountability support

-Advanced Self Hypnosis techniques

-Communication and Relationship techniques to grow your network and net worth



Only 12  3 Spots Open!  

Value: $15,120.12

Special Offer $11,997.00

(SAVE $3,123.12)

*Application required for new clients

BONUS - Additional Value!

  • Professionally recorded customized Hypnosis Audio (Value $199)
  • Unlimited text and email between sessions -  you have a Coach that supports you! 
 *special offer pay in full and payment plans available
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"She walks the walk"

"There are many speakers out there and then there is De'Anna Nunez. One of the most talented and highly skilled speakers I have ever seen and an amazing breakthrough coach. What I love most about De'Anna is she actually walks the walk and her content is so helpful for executives and team members across all business segments. If you are looking for a speaker who knows how to connect with the hearts and minds of your team members and offers tools they can actually implement immediately, then you came to the right place. I wish that I had this knowledge when I was a sales professional working in corporate versus the speakers they brought in that added very little value to me and growing my book of business. Thank you De'Anna!"

- Violet Rainwater, Founder, Rainwater Speaks


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"De’Anna is amazing. As a hypnotist, she is skilled and intuitive; as a motivational speaker, she is engaging, motivating, & mesmerizing. You won’t ever be disappointed in hiring De’Anna no matter what industry or need, she can turn your mindset and/or culture in the right direction to ensure that you achieve the outcomes you know you are capable of achieving with the right mentality."

-James Pesch

"Magic and Joy"

"The money I spent hiring De'Anna as my coach was the best money I've ever spent! I don't even recognize the person I was before I met her. She has this ability to get you to take steps to do the things you've always wanted to do, things you never thought you could do. She uses Hypnosis to train your brain, getting those limiting beliefs to just let go and also to be able to let go of past emotional baggage that has been holding you back. She spends time with you 1:1 to figure out what it is you want and then encourages and supports you every step of the way. De'Anna is pure magic and joy."

-Chantelle Neufeld, Founder, Mindful Generation


"Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how much this woman would change my life. She became the catalyst of a transformation I had never dreamed possible. On May 1st, 2010 I began using DeAnna's hypnosis system, by June 15th, 2011, I was 100lbs lighter. She gave me the tools I needed to break through barriers I didn't even realize were there. I have kept my weight off all these years now. I still listen to her audios every day. What I have learned from her is priceless."

-Jaylene Welch, Sales Top Performer, Dr. Ku

"A More Effective Communicator"

I have found, through De'Anna's weekly help, an alternative means of processing thoughts and emotions. The Hypnosis sessions feel so good. An immediate exercise we started with is called breaking the record. It's been very beneficial! I have made significant progress through the toughest of times and am on my way to being a more effective communicator. "

"Thank you for re-introducing me to myself and my greatness." 

If you want to find answers to creating your own blueprint in with De'Anna ASAP, she will not disappoint! She is gifted at what she does and don't let the price keep you from doing it, because you will really do yourself a disservice. After working with her, I received clarity I needed and had all the answers to my own blocks. Insane! But she is truly worth more than she charges. Thank you De'Anna Nunez for being so pivotal in my life and re-introducing me to myself and my greatness. You're a blessing! I am so happy I met you.

-Regina Ngata, Shift Into Greatness Now


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