Weight Loss Program with De'Anna Nunez

Hypnosis Weight Loss Program

Hundreds of women have gotten healthy in De'Anna's Mind Body Fit Club. Now it's your turn to take the challenge!

  • Weight Loss
  • More Energy
  • Lasting Habit Change
  • Self Control
  • Happy Self Image

A 12 module course with De'Anna teaching everything you need to know. Program comes with downloadable guide, Hypnosis for weight loss audio sessions and more. 

Getting started right away!! 

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He didn't know how to be without cigarettes. The habit had been with him since high school. Smoking was his thing to turn to in times of stress, when he needed to think, and when he was simply bored. 

Have you ever felt like you want to quit, but you're just not sure how? The grip feels too tight. 

Yet, my client John was able to quit after a single session. 


It will be incredible to have finally done it for good. Even though you've tried and failed, this time, to be successful and to have even discovered a newfound confidence in yourself.

It will feel great to have more money for other things and to have clear lungs in the morning.

You may be most surprised at the sense of accomplishment you'll have. 

As I embark on a trip to Japan this summer to help the United States Marines quit smoking, it's possible for you to quit too. 

If you're ready to Release the need for tobacco and nicotine in your life. Book a 30 minute FREE connection call to learn about the SMOKEFREE program. 

This Smoking Cessation training and Hypnosis package includes: 

  • (3) Hypnosis 90 minute Breakthrough Sessions with De'Anna (Most quit on the first session)
  • SmokeFree Hypnotherapy Audio for reinforcement to listen to at home
  • Exercise Motivation Hypnosis audio to develop healthy stress-reducing habits
  • Self Hypnosis audio to communicate your specific desires and intentions into the subconscious.
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"De'Anna is the real deal and has a way of speaking to people which makes them sit up and listen ..... she is enthusiastic, caring and even though the room might be full you feel like she is talking directly to you."

Frannie Tennant

"De'Anna brings it! Whether you are an entrepreneur or someone who just wants to live a bigger and better life, De'Anna can show you how to tap into your best self!"

Jodi Berger Barhold, CPA

"De'Anna is great! I love how she brings hypnosis into the every day. Every time I've seen her speak, I find a new way to think about how I'm "hypnotizing myself" in my life, and how to make a simple tweak to improve things."

Alegra Lowenstein
Author, Speaker, Health Coach

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