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Create Your Money Courage Breakthrough 

Hypnotic Techniques to Change Your Relationship with Money


"A fantastic human and a great experience with her both in our private sessions and the workshop. She can help whether you want to heal or if you are looking to optimize your existence."

Bob Anderson
International Sales

Join De'Anna to dissolve your money blocks and develop healthy thoughts, feelings and behaviors so you can grow your wealth, feel more open and abundant and release fear. 

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"Thanks so much for the class! LOVED IT! " "De'Anna teaches with crystal clarity and helped me reveal, release and reprogram my mind around my relationship with making money. As an immigrant, I had made the process of making money equal struggle and survival. Now, a decade later I am more successful than ever, but I still held on to my old story of hardships. My mind now realizes I am worthy of being financially prosperous, and my mind has caught up with reality. I no longer hold on to old beliefs that making money has to be hard. I can't thank you enough, De'Anna! "

Jonny T.



  • There is so much unnecessary anxiety around money
  • People create fear even when they have money in the bank
  • You will only be as rich as your mind allows

The Secret Solution is...

You Can Design Your Mind with What You Need to Succeed

In this class you'll learn...

  • The emotional intelligence of money
  • The anatomy of a transformation

You will...

  • Reveal what unconscious money blocks have been holding you back
  • Breakthrough old money stories and beliefs and release them
  • Reprogram your money behaviors with the ONE AMAZING HABIT technique

De'Anna Nunez is known for making learning fun. With extensive experience in Hypnosis, her workshops are designed to be packed with experiential value. 

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"De'Anna is great! I love how she brings hypnosis into the every day. Every time I've seen her speak, I find a new way to think about how I'm "hypnotizing myself" in my life, and how to make a simple tweak to improve things. I've started sleeping better after hearing her talk using this technique, and most recently I strengthened my confidence in a business decision that was underway. "

Alegra Lowenstein
Author of Kitchen Magic, It's Not About the Food and more!

"In De'Anna's workshop I learned the real value of hypnosis. She took the gimmicky nonsense out of it and created a safe place to learn and explore the subconscious and how to breakthrough deep patterns and beliefs. I had a breakthrough around my beliefs about money - so very grateful! I highly recommend attending this workshop with De'Anna"

Vanesse Wilde
Founder of O Improv

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