On a Mission to Help You Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind So You Can  Live Your Most Extraordinary Vital Life


De'Anna Nunez champions people to have the courage to rise. She is a Board Certified Hypnotist, an Accredited ICBCH Hypnotist Trainer and Author of the F.I.T. Method. She leads professionals, executives and athletes to focus, inward and target the mind on exactly what you need to succeed.  From peak performance to self care, her signature methodology  connects the power of the subconscious mind to ignite belief and align the key emotions and habits that produce transformative results. 


De'Anna "bring the Joy" Nunez is a seasoned Professional Hypnotist, Certified HNLP Practitioner, and Author who values championing others. She works with teams and individuals teaching her proprietary VitalMind Training System, a Heart Centered Peak Performance framework that helps professionals take charge of their subconscious thinking habits, beliefs and narratives to change their internal identity. 

She credits a thirst for growth as the powerful driver in her life knowing she wouldn't have made it past twenty if she hadn't made changes at a subconscious core level. Her story of transformation is proof that anyone can do it. 

De'Anna is the triple threat of Hypnosis professionals having contracted over 1,000 Speaking and Edutainment presentations demonstrating the power of the mind. She's appeared on CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC affiliates and the CW Network media, and conducted hundreds of private individual sessions helping people transform the way they see themselves and what they're capable of. 

It is her diverse experience that has garnered her a unique understanding of the mind and human behavior.

De'Anna's past clients include Fortune 500 companies, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Knott’s Berry Farm, CSuite executives and every day individuals. 

Her favorite life accomplishments are fostering her children and clients dreams, running ultra-marathons, and contracting with the US Marine Corps at bases in America, Japan and Korea.

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  • Voices of Courage
  • Road to Growth 
  • Spiritual Entrepreneur
  • WorkSmart Hypnosis
  • Flight Club Podcast
  • Well Fed Warrior
  • And More!

TV Guest Expert

  • NBC affiliate Minneapolis (Local)
  • CBS affiliate Sacramento (Local)
  • ABC affiliate Good Day Good Country (Local Tulsa OK)
  • ABC affiliate Good Morning Las Vegas (Local)
  • The CW Network (National TV coverage)
  • Fox San Diego (Local)
  • And More!


  • Mind Body F.I.T. Life (Author)
  • It's Not About the Food (CoAuthor)
  • Burn Your Fat Pants (Author)
  • Selling with Synchronicity (CoAuthor)
  • Writer for Active.com (Author)

Sample Talking Points:


  • What is the F.I.T. Method, your process for helping clients create optimal health?
  • You  have a method for habit hacking, can you share that with us?
  • What does the subconscious have to do with our health choices?
  • How can we overcome emotional eating?
  • How do we sustain motivation?
  • You've run over 50 marathons. What advice do you have for new runners or for those wanting to run their first marathon?
  • And, what advice can you give those folks who are going from walking to running?


  • How can we  access a state of 0% Self Doubt using Hypnosis?
  • How is Hypnosis different than meditation?
  • Based on your experience, what are the steps of a true breakthrough?
  • How can we use our pain and the things that have happened in our lives as our superpower?
  • How can we use self hypnosis to stop overthinking and quiet mind chatter?
  • You have a framework for making our affirmations actually work. What is it?


  • What is the key to high performance?
  • What have been your best strategies attracting clients?
  • What have you learned most about customer service as a Coach and Trainer?
  • Many people have money blocks, how do you help people reframe those so they can excel?
  • How can we command more power and influence? 
  • What is that special spark that can make clients/customers fall in love with your products and services?


  • You call yourself a rebel at heart? Tell us more
  • What pisses you off about personal development and coaching? 
  • In your book you briefly touch on your struggle and breakthroughs with Sex, Food and Money. Go deeper with us. Why did that get a mention and what didn't you share?



Mom Dies from Not Taking Care of Herself, and Now Her Determined Daughter Reveals What We Can Do to Break Generational Patterns and Empower Women at Risk to Choose Healthy, Meaningful Lives 

MIND BODY F.I.T. LIFE invites you to Focus, Inward, and Target your super-powers! Utilizing the transformative tools of the F.I.T. Method, Author De’Anna Nunez guides you through a process of activating the subconscious mind to reveal, release and recode what has mentally and emotionally held you back from consistently caring for your body. Her methods work now, no matter your age.

"When you haven’t had sex in 27 years, apple pie tastes really good.” Those were the words that De’Anna’s mother shared while lying in the hospital dying. She had given up on life. She was depressed, obese, and lost all hope. It was then that she finally admitted what De’Anna knew all along. Food had been her secret coping mechanism for years, and now it was killing her.  When De’Anna asked the Doctor what she was specifically dying from, he said, “Essentially, poor self-care.”  

In her book, De’Anna shares her struggles with being raised in emotional eating and how her self-esteem was deeply affected by divorce and childhood adversities. She used Hypnosis and the sport of running to help her overcome self-doubt, limiting beliefs and old, family emotional pain. Woven throughout her book are vibrant stories of brave women in her coaching programs who have also taken charge of their minds and body. They’ve released the internal baggage that shows up as weight and courageously come face to face with the reasons they had neglected themselves. It is through that fire that one thrives. De’Anna offers promising strategies and self-growth exercises through out her book that assure her readers that on the other side of working through your stuff is freedom, peace of mind and an enormous amount of love and self-trust.

Talking Points:

  • Learn a powerful process for letting go of weight and emotional baggage
  • How to access a state of 0% Self Doubt using Hypnosis
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of your emotional eating
  • The mind-cycle of a breakthrough
  • Learn to use your pain as your superpower

Testimonials and Reviews


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Sample Background Interview:

What made you want to become a Hypnotist?

I just wanted to figure myself out and live up to my potential. Hypnosis seemed like a way to do that.

Having had rough teenage years I was looking to reinvent myself. I was the girl ditching school to avoid bullying and fights in the eighth grade. Then sexually assaulted at fifteen, which led to drugs and hanging with the loser crowd. I often spent my lunch breaks getting drunk and smoking under the bleachers. My self-worth had been obliterated. I wasn’t loved enough,  skinny enough, pretty enough, smart enough. I left high school at sixteen and entered Cosmetology school to make something of myself. Looking back, I was the epitome of a hot mess. At nineteen I married a man I didn’t love hoping that his love would be enough for the two of us, but it wasn’t.

Years later when I learned about Hypnosis, it was like a pulsing, neon Las Vegas sign that said, "Do this. Do this."

How did you pull out of those hard times?

I had my first son at twenty and that ambitious, smart little kid made me want to dig deep and be better, for him and for me. He’s my hero. I divorced his Dad and was a bit lost for a number of years as a single mom, but I had a vision for us and when I decided to go through Hypnotherapy training, it changed our life. I healed many wounds and discovered a purpose. Things began to fall in place.. 

Meeting my now-husband when my son was seven was also a miracle. He is an amazing human with big love for my son and the three of us made a life together while I embarked on a career in Hypnosis.  When we first started out, we spent three years in a 70 foot rig traveling from show to show across the U.S. and performing at fairs, clubs and every Marine Corps base in the country and in Asia. 

 At the time I had huge stage fright and was very fearful of exposing my insecurities, but my faith superseded the fear and I just kept putting one foot in front of the other. My husband has been huge support by working many roles in our business. He’s been my booking manager, sound guy, contract and sketch writer, operations and marketing manager, website and promo designer and so many other things. 

What are you most proud of?

First off, my family. We have three awesome kids and a wonderful daughter -in law (Janelle, Zach, Vasco and Savvy) and although we have our struggles, we are a family of true love and connection. I think both my husband and I feel that as parents we are fulfilling what we did not get as kids. We are all very close and support one another. 

Professionally, I am one of a very small handful of women globally that has succeeded as a Stage Hypnotist (shout out to my ladies), it's crazy!  There are only about a dozen female Hypnotists worldwide that have performed big shows as a full time living. Some of the shows have been unbelievable. Performing for 10,000 people in a live audience is like being a rock star. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking and performing in over 25 countries, for the US Marines, Fortune 500 companies, big public fairs and festivals, TV and even on cruise ships. I’ve hypnotized and coached tens of thousands of people and spread the message of internal-belief on thousands of stages. It’s been amazing. 

I've also been on a relentless quest to grow and that is worth gold. So many opportunities have shown up! I've run over 50 marathons, some crying over my Mother dying and others smiling the whole way. Never would I have imagined I’d be in this position. After being so incredibly broken as a young woman, it is immensely fulfilling to know in my heart that I have done what I set out to do (and then some).

What are you most excited about in your future vision?

I plan to write books and invest more time in helping people get where they want to go. I created a brand called MIND BODY FIT CLUB, and I’m excited about growing it to reach a million women. It has helped women lose weight, release emotional baggage and feel amazingly confident. The transformations have been incredibly rewarding and the relationships we've all built are very special.  I also get asked to train teams for high performance and work-life balance and I offer private coaching too.  Either way, my work is always about fulfilling the same vision- empowering people to wake up their hearts and minds to use their unique talents ,grow their abilities and develop meaningful relationships. 


  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotist, the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners and the ICBCH. Received initial training with the San Diego Institute of Hypnosis and the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners.
  • Humanistic Neurolinguistic Psychology Practitioner and Coach through Life Design International
  • Certified Hypnobabies Birthing, Instructor
  • Certified Sports Hypnotist
  • Certified Weight Loss Hypnotist
  • Certified Nutrition Specialist with ICCS
  • Certified Personal Fitness Trainer NESTA
  • Smoking Cessation Hypnotist
  • Healing Metaphors and Performance Coach
  • Certified Running Coach with the RRCA

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