Welcome to F.I.T. Club!

This is my signature course to develop a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.  

"We Lost More Than Weight, We Lost Our Bulls%!t Baggage", said Carole.

In one of our private Zoom Coaching Calls those were the words of Carole Hoffer in North Carolina. It was her way of describing her experience in our club.

We are women who have joined together to release all the life-stuff that has weighed on us for years. We believe we deserve to be healthy, feel confident and be happy in our body. 

Have you been ...

 All or Nothing with your consistency? 

It’s a vicious cycle!

If you think you lack the ability to be consistent toward your goals, it's not true. There's more happening under the surface than you realize (the subconscious mind). 

My methods change that. 

How many of these can you say "Yes" to?

·   I still have learned beliefs from childhood
·  I sabotage myself
·   I am holding on to outdated ideas about myself 
·  I talk down to myself in regards to my body
·  I have a difficult time forgiving myself
·  I resist the success I want to have in my health and fitness


If you answered yes to 1 or more of these questions, F.I.T. CLUB is for you. 


Instead of inconsistency or overwhelm with getting started I'll show you HOW to GET EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT. 


In fact, in this program, I'll show you how to confidently lead your life without giving up the foods you love or sabotaging your success along the way.


Let's get you what you want...starting now.


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"F.I.T. CLUB is an amazing group of women who get it!

They understand the ins and outs of weight loss and weight gain, and the things in life that can effect those drastic changes.

Founder De'Anna Nunez is a wealth of information. She provides valuable tools that dramatically change the way you see yourself and you start loving who you are today!

De'Anna guides you to a healthy mental state by clearing the way for productive weight loss and longevity in a healthy-lifestyle. I love MBFC for all it has given me and the tools I never had before. I’m proud to be a life long MBFC lady!

I've now hired De'Anna to come in and train my top-performing team for sales success. This mindset work pays off! 

-Genelle Rich, Top Performer at Easterby & Associates

Starr Story

Starr is one of our Stars in Mind Body FIT Club! She's shed over 100 pounds while facing one of the most challenging stretches of her life. IF SHE CAN DO IT SO CAN YOU! Her motto? "I have an extreme amount of faith." Listen in to more of what Starr has to share.


"You and I can overcome anything..." 

Hi, I'm De'Anna Nunez. I'm glad you're here.  Through my hypnotherapy and coaching work I've developed methods that assure you make the unconscious conscious so you can redesign your mind and body with what you really need to succeed. 
 Once a struggling single Mom I know all too well what it felt like to be lost, confused, broke and unhappy. 
I now live in a peaceful mind (no more berating myself) and have control over my impulses and the way I manage stress. There have been more breakthroughs in my life than I can count on both hands.
More confident than ever, I  love being a business woman that serves amazing people. You and I can overcome anything when we have the right tools. 
I'm excited for you to dig into this work and see the enormous benefits in your life! 

Imagine yourself waking up with vitality each day. Your inside matches your outside and you are living your life fulfilled, healthy and happy.


Have you ever said?

"I''d like to actually be who people think I am."

"I always seem to sacrifice my own health for my business or family. "

"I feel like an imposter. I'd love to really believe in myself."

                  "I'm All or Nothing. I don't know how to have balance."


 People do change. Are you ready to be one of them? -De'Anna

My clients say,

“De’Anna, you helped me connect the dots as to why I was doing what I was doing. It feels like a revelation! I learned to take responsibility for my results and what it really means to be healthy in mind and body."

Shift your mindset and create lasting results.


"The committed people here and the authenticity have touched my heart! I always come away feeling loved, listened to and like I belong. De’Anna has created and holds together this beautiful space with her unique skills that literally get our minds in a space that is sustainable for life. We are all challenged at our own pace, but watching everyone’s growth adds to my own. The honesty and compassion blows me away! Getting rid of the diet culture is a continuing theme in MBFC and it is a perfect fit for me. De’Anna’s effervescence is contagious!! Come join us!" -RaNae Bennett, Retired School Teacher, Creator of Analogies of Nature

TESTIMONIAL - "I've released over 100lbs."

Mind Body Fit Club, aka DeAnna Nunez, Coach and friend has given me knowledge, which gave me the option to have a better understanding of my goals in life. Over the last 8 years since I’ve been a member she has taught me relaxation, clarity and most importantly: the ability to love myself, no matter what size I am. I love MBFC, but most importantly, I love the way, DeAnna doesn’t give up. She doesn’t give up on her own goals, dreams or aspirations, and that gives me permission to keep saying it’s okay to have mine. I love the vulnerability she has with all of us MBFC gals, it breeds vulnerability in the rest of us and the power and clarity we get through that is why I say we’re friends. She gets all the stars from me! - Starr Marie, Intuitive and Tarot Reader

Know your worth and join Starr in taking action with an extreme amount of faith. Enroll now!

Do what Jaylene has done. If she can so can you.

The F.I.T. CLUB COURSE is waiting for you.


In the video classes you go into deep, transformational growth-work using my signature Reveal-Release-Recode model.  I combine it with  practical every day strategies for eating healthy, self care, exercise motivation, confidence, wellness, focus, and managing those priorities.  The result is you feeling focused and motivated!


Certificate of Courageous Achievement Award

Getting healthy is a major achievement. We want to acknowledge you for your bravery and effort! 
This certificate is awarded to you at the completion of your course to recognize you for your open mind and hard work in the commitment you made to yourself.


Rapid Mindset Reinforcement

BONUS! A vital part of this incredible system is our 12 Hypnotherapy Meditation Audios called F.I.T. Sessions

"I listen to De'Anna's Hypnosis system on my phone at night before I go to bed. I wake up feeling confident and motivated. There's something about those audios that are like magic."
- Lisa T., CA. 

++Bonus #2

The Ultimate Guide to Clean Food Shopping and Buying Organic in the Market

Learn which organic foods are worth the purchase, and other tricks and tips for making the best decisions in the grocery store.  

+++Bonus #3

Eat for Energy Meal Plan Guidelines

We offer a variety of sample meal plans to fit your wants and likes. From Plant-based to Keto, Mediterraean to low carb. We've got the clean eating  80/20 option that still leaves room for realistic life.

Our goal is for you to become empowered with your nutrition. Know your macros and keys to healthy weight wellness- protein, carbs, fats, hydration and fiber.

Frequently Asked Questions


Of course you are… so we answered the most frequently asked questions. 


Everything is 100% Online: 

The entire program is based online so you can participate with the training videos from home, work, gym or your favorite coffee shop. 


 What is Included? 

All program materials, including the

  • Training Videos
  • the 12 module Mindset Guides
  • the 12 F.I.T. Sessions
  • Bonus Grocery Guide

Once you enroll, you will be sent your exclusive login information. 


Is Hypnosis Involved?

Yes. Hypnotherapy is a cornerstone of the Body Courage Course. You receive 12+ Hypnosis Audios as a bonus to listen to daily.



  • Monthly Group Coaching Sessions

  • Guest Expert Speakers 

  • Club Camaraderie and events

  •  Private Facebook Group


Direct Access to Team De’Anna for Tech Support:

Your care and satisfaction is our number one priority. If you have technical issues or are simply having a challenge you need help with, email us at [email protected] and we’ll take care of you.


Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 100% money back guarantee. Email us at [email protected] no later than 30 days after you register, include proof of your work, including all videos watched, all guidebook exercises completed and 30 days of completed F.I.T. journal. Let us know you are not satisfied, and we will refund you 100% of your money. Guaranteed. 


Got a question we haven’t answered here? 

Email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to answer it.




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+++BONUS! - Nutrition Meal Guidelines ($75.00) 

+++Grocery Guide ($30.00)

A Value of over $893.97, now for $97.00. 

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