Transformational Keynote Speaker

Through an edutaining and applied-learning style De'Anna delivers techniques that create breakthroughs, allowing individuals to embrace and internalize their most meaningful goals.

How can you truly give your best when you may have unconscious mental blocks in your way?

Neuroscience proves, your brain can be retrained to perceive challenges differently. De'Anna demonstrates how. 

As a result of De'Anna's work, your audience has learning breakthroughs! 

  • Imagine how much more effective you'll be with incredible focus and concentration. 
  • Think about the confidence you'll feel by managing your mind better, focusing on internal assets versus liabilities 
  • Develop one key habit that aligns with your vision and values and be amazed at the level of discipline you can sustain. 
  • Imagine how good you'll feel when applying a powerful technique for managing stress and staying on task. 



De'Anna has contracted with...

"De'Anna fills the room with energy and has a gift connecting with people."

- Merrilee Neal, Susan G. Komen

"The visualization techniques she took us through and linking back to our team meeting goals were absolutely fantastic."

– Chris G., VP Alliance Health Care at Global Executive Summit

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