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"She had the entire ballroom enthralled."


SuperCharge Their Mind with Interactive Fun and Learning.

Through an edutaining and applied-learning style De'Anna delivers Hypnosis techniques that create mindset breakthroughs, allowing organizations to embrace their most meaningful goals and thrive in transitional times. 

How can people truly give their best when they may have unconscious mental blocks in their way?  Neuroscience proves, the brain can be retrained to perceive challenges differently and internalize goals. De'Anna demonstrates how by using Hypnosis techniques. 

De'Anna speaks informatively on a variety of topics that focus on the one key element of empowering mind, body and emotion. 

"De'Anna fills the room with energy and has a gift connecting with people. "

Merrilee Neal
Susan G. Komen San Diego, Chairman of the Board

Choose Your Experience:

De'Anna infuses peak performance Hypnosis throughout her presentation.

Decide which style is your audience? 

Option 1 > Ideal for small groups, business focused

"We are a reserved group but value engaging, meaningful content. We'd like our audience to experience group Hypnosis for peak performance along with teaching points we can apply to business." 


Option 2 > Ideal for conferences and meetings with a 60-75 minute time slot

"We are a fun group and we'd like our audience to experience peak performance Hypnosis and enjoy entertaining teaching points."


Option 3 > Ideal for awards banquets, special events

"We'd like your presentation to be 90% Hypnosis entertainment with a great, positive message woven throughout. 


"She really connected well with our employees. Wonderful enthusiasm. We loved her.""

Keenan Stockton
President, First State Bank of Texas

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Talk Topics: 

  1. SuperCharge Your Mind: Engaging Mindset Strategies to Be Your Best
  2. The Goal Getters Mindset Plan: Believe and Habitze Your Success
  3. Achieving Success without Sacrificing Your Health: A Powerful Presentation on Sustainable Health and Fitness
  4. Business Thrive: Vital Money Breakthroughs to Soar Your Sales
  5. Create a Calm and Confident You: Letting Go of Anxiety

"The visualization techniques she took us through and linking back to our team meeting goals were absolutely fantastic."

Laurie Robbins Miller
Vice President of Human Resources, Alliance Healthcare Services



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