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De'Anna Nunez presents 




Through an interactive presentation, De'Anna brings an awe-inspiring experience demonstrating the power of the imagination through Hypnosis. 


The ultimate audience participation show, De'Anna skillfully unites people into an uplifted camaraderie. Great for connection, team building, and visionary collaboration.



Watch or participate, this presentation leaves you laughing and questioning, what incredible possibilities are open to me by tapping into the power of my mind?


Audiences experience the incredible ability of the mind and are reminded of the power within themselves.

An edutainment show designed for theaters, companies and organizations wanting an  experience for their audience with an inspiring message of human resilience and possibility. 

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De'Anna Nunez

De'Anna has contracted with the U.S. Marines across America and Asia for 20 years, Norwegian cruise lines speaking and performing in 23 countries and is known for her edutaining style. She has presented to Fortune 500 companies such as EMC, Aflac, Mercury Insurance and Harley Davidson and is one of an elite group of women that have successfully performed Hypnosis full time in a multitude of industries including television, radio, education sector (high schools and colleges), large public fairs opening for name acts, military and corporate.

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