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"That was amazing"

said Julie, an audience member at a recent presentation. 

What Happens In De'Anna's Presentation?

"She had the entire ballroom enthralled."- Mercury Insurance


Audience members experience a state of mind in which the brain becomes highly active and sparks incredible creativity.  

As a former TOP Female Stage Hypnotist in the entertainment space, De'Anna Nunez has redirected her Hypnotic talents to deliver an edutaining presentation that will have your audience enthralled in an interactive experience. 

It's the most fun you can have learning about human performance. 


De'Anna brings an awe-inspiring experience demonstrating the power of creativity through the brain-bending phenomenon of Hypnosis.


De'Anna skillfully unites people, cheering one another on as they tap into internal resources. You can take charge of your mind and emotions more powerfully.


The best teams and cultures have a soulful connection. They believe in the core values of their organization and lead accordingly. You Can Become a Heart Centered Leader. 

Live Show Video

"The Apprentice"

Live Show Video


Live Show Video

"Country Ho Down"

Let's Shine Together

  • 77 Performances with the United States Marines Corps in America and Across Asia

  • Over 5,400+ Headlining Performances at Public Concerts and Fairs

  • 100+ Corporate Events: Mercury, Coldwell Banker, Red Baron, EMC, Geico and more

  • Live Appearances on NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX Hypnotizing news anchors and viewers

  • National Television appearance on the CW

  • Headlining Show for Norwegian Cruise Lines in 25 countries

  • 100+ College and High School Entertainment Shows

  • 303 Headlining Shows for Knott's Berry Farm

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Audiences and participants alike experience the incredible ability of the brain. When the imagination is ignited one becomes present to the power within them. 

An edutainment presentation designed for companies, associations and organizations wanting an interactive experience for their audience with an inspiring, underlying message.

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De'Anna Nunez

De'Anna has contracted with the U.S. Marines across America and Asia for 20 years, Norwegian cruise lines speaking and performing in 25 countries and is known for her edutaining style. She has presented to Fortune 500 companies such as EMC, Aflac, Mercury Insurance and Harley Davidson and is one of an elite group of women that have successfully performed Hypnosis full time in a multitude of industries including television, radio, education sector (high schools and colleges), large public fairs opening for name acts, military and corporate.