Vital Money Breakthrough

It's Your Turn to Breakthough Financial Setpoints! Create Mindset Confidence and Achieve Prosperity Goals That Truly Matter To a Life of Abundance.


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Have you ever said, “Money is hard to come by” or, “No matter what I do, there is never enough.” Or perhaps you were raised like me…? ”Money is the root of all evil. Rich people are greedy.” We often put a label on money that isn’t even true. Those labels come from the unconscious collection of our family, culture, environment and life experience. 

It’s now your opportunity to breakthrough those paradigms and design the mind and life you want to live. The wealth and freedom you desire and the means to create it is 100% sourced in you. Perhaps you’ve got work to do to let go of fears?
You’re not alone.

Vital Money Breakthrough:
Reshape Your Relationship with Money

Reshape your entire subconscious relationship with money and have your Vital Money Breakthrough! 

For years, I worked so hard without the financial gain I dreamed of. I would reach a certain point and not any higher. I thought maybe there was something wrong with me. I watched my peers propser while I stood by knowing I had so much to give. That's when I decided to use my knowledge and skillsets in Hypnosis and HNLP to design a process that disolved money blocks. I knew that I was the one stopping my success and I wanted nothing more than to breakthrough. 

As a result, I have grown in remarkable new ways, landing business opportunities I always dreamed of. 

  • Imagine how relieved you'll feel when you're no longer preoccupied with just getting the bills paid, feeling the extreme pressure you've been feeling, and instead focused on your best work. 
  • See a day in your near future where you trust yourself more than ever before and truly respect the value you bring to the marketplace. 
  • Just think how awesome it will be to have the buying power you deserve and the extra funds to invest in business opportunities, vacation, live in a new neighborhood or give to the charities you care about. 

Decide to stop struggling. 

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Breakthrough Mental Blocks

Imagine having more peace of mind with money. See yourself with the confidence to attract and earn more money through opportunities that make you feel fulfilled and alive.

Shift Your Subconscious

we often put a label on money that isn’t even true. Those labels come from the unconscious collection of our family, culture, environment and life experience. We are also emotionally charged with our relationship with money because we need it to live!

Develop a Vital Money Mindset

There’s the feeling of internal satisfaction that comes with knowing you are no longer controlled by outside forces (parent ideals, cultural expectations, etc). Your thoughts are really your own thoughts, not placed there by someone else’s beliefs or opinions. Neuroscience proves, your mind is entirely flexible to change your neuropathways.

Create a New Vision for Yourself

Picture what it would feel like to have the buying power to invest, or even splurge on family adventures. Perhaps there are charities you believe in and you could see yourself really doing amazing good in the world by having the money to donate.

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De’Anna Nunez has hypnotized over 10,000 in her interactive keynotes and now it’s your turn to use her methods to internalize abundance on a subconscious level.

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Vital Money Breakthrough

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