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Feel more business confident! Shake loose imposters syndrome, unnecessary distractions and stay focused on thriving in business. Utilize De'Anna's peak performance Hypnosis audios to reinforce positive mindset and habits for success.

The Business Thrive Package includes:

Business Success Motivation
Business Success Motivation will help you to hone in on mastering basic business skills.  The Hypnotic suggestions given to you will draw out your hidden talents and leadership skills.  You will be motivated to take charge of planning and strategizing your future business endeavors, and feel more confident, and creative in meetings and presentations.

Quietude: Stress Relief
Often our lives are so fast paced that maintaining serenity within ourselves can be extremely challenging. This program is a peaceful, gentle stroll through relaxation that will renew your spirit and assist you in maintaining a stress free, centered, and joyous life.

Perfect Memory
Perfect Memory will help you to remember important information instantaneously.  Through Hypnosis you will retain facts, information and trivia that your mind absorbs on a daily basis.  You will begin to recall names easily, and memories that are important for you to remember will be placed in the forefront of your mind for instant recall.

Radiate Confidence
Let go of the past and step into a bright new future with Radiate Confidence.  You will attain the confidence you need to achieve your goals.  Most excitingly, you will feel inspired to try new things and your own hidden talents and abilities will be awakened from within.  You will be happily surprised at the new adventures you will discover by embarking on the road to self- confidence!

Self Hypnosis
If you have a particular issue to work out, this program is for you.  Self Hypnosis is your customized personal session.  While taking you down into a deep state of Hypnotic relaxation, you are given instructions and a special time to give yourself your own Hypnosis suggestions.  This tape may be used on a number of issues such as, nail biting, fears, anxiety, anger problems, pain alleviation, etc.

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Life Changing Self Hypnosis for Visionary Business Leaders


Become more influential in your business while balancing your health.

To push business forward, consider the importance of better command of your mind and body. 

In this 2 1/2 hour class you will learn, practice and implement Hypnotic neuroscience techniques for: 

  • Improved Focus
  • Visionary goal setting
  • Habit execution (hacking)
  • Decision-making confidence
  • Health & Weight mgmt. / Well being / Stress management 
  • Influential Leadership

Workshop Location: