Change Up Your Life Challenge: The Psychology of Sustainable Health & Fitness


You can...

  • Reinforce One Amazing Habit that will make all the difference
  • Reset Your Mindset
  • Learn what to eat for optimal metabolism
  • 100% Anti-Diet approach
  • Release pounds
  • Give Yourself Permission to Succeed in this area
  • Show up to work and life empowered!

Imagine how good you'll feel at work and in your life! 

Mindset expert and Hypnotist, De’Anna Nunez will guide you to have more freedom, energy and confidence. 


Have you ever said...,


         "I just can’t lose weight."

"I'm too busy to focus on it. I try and fail…

"I join fitness classes and don't go regularly."

"I just like to eat too much."

"I don't want to give up  CARBS?!"


Just to go back to your old ways?

My clients say,

“De’Anna, you helped me connect the dots as to why I was doing what I was doing.

It feels like a revelation!



The problem isn’t that you’re lacking pure resilience...


I have met SO MANY PEOPLE who tell me about their struggles to lose weight. They cycle between going strong at their diet and workout regime, “breaking down” and binging on weekends on unhealthy foods, and then beating yourself up to jump back on the horse to get your life back together.

It’s a vicious cycle. And one a lot of us can’t seem to break out of.

If you think you lack pure resilience and dedication, you’re wrong!

A majority of the time we cannot seem to rid ourselves of emotional eating, or want to nourish ourselves is because theres a deeper reason: learned eating habits as a child, food was a way we were shown love, etc.

It becomes important for you to recognize the reason you partake in emotional eating, and figure out how you can fill the void you are filling with food instead. Only then is your diet and exercise regimens going to be turned into habits instead of cycles.

Are you:

  • Emotionally eating from learned behaviors in your childhood?
  • Attached to food as more than just a source of energy?
  • Unaware you are subconsciously viewing food the wrong way?
  • Holding onto outdated ideas about your self?
  • Talking down to yourself in your inner dialogue?
  • Not forgiving yourself and others?

Within the Change Up Your Life Challenge, I guide you through tackling a number of ideologies that are attacking your fitness from the inside out. This 12 lesson challenge will open your eyes and mind in ways you have never even thought about before!

Each week you will receive a video guiding you through that module's topic of conversation. You also receive a guide book with deep, meaningful coaching prompts to assist you in shifting old self beliefs. 

Change Up Your Life -

Integrate the Psychology of Sustainable Health & Fitness

12 Expert Mindset Coaching Classes on Video ($850)

  1. Create a greater vision for you & your life
  2. Innovate you habits with an AMAZING habit I call the power of one
  3. Add a WHY to your goals
  4. Emotionally detach from food
  5. Change your perception of food & exercise
  6. Become a master cultivator
  7. Shift your beliefs
  8. Change your inner dialogue
  9. Function in external places
  10. Reframe discipline
  11. The power of forgiveness
  12. Celebrate yourself

A daily Mind-Body Weight Release Guide ($150)

  • Keep yourself on track with a daily journal
  • Outwardly create new habits by writing down your progress & thoughts
  • Change your relationship with emotional eating
  • Switch your perception about yourself
  • Add a higher purpose to your goals

A Coach that Meets you Where you are Starting from ($300)

  • That’s me!
  • I am here every step of the way to guide you and help you when you have questions

Mindset Techniques that are a SERIOUS game Changer ($250)

  • Innovate your habits with a process called the power of one

*****AND A BONUS: 12 Audio Hypnosis MP3s to download immediately




Because of our program, Jaylene Welch shed 105lbs., she left an abusive marriage, left a dead-in job and had the confidence to land a new position and doubled her income. Whoa!!

Over $1,500 in value, NOW for $498.00.

Traditional Costs:

Gym membership: $60/mo
Extra classes: $40/mo
Personal Training: $250/mo
Online Work-Out Programs: $10/mo
Health Supplements: $50/mo
Extra Costs of Fad Diets: $70/mo

Potential Total: $480 EACH MONTH

The Change Up Your Life Challenge…

12 Weekly Expert Coaching Classes ($850)
A daily Mind-Body Weight Loss Guide ($150)
A Coach that Meets you Where you are Starting from ($300)
Mindset Techniques that are a SERIOUS game Changer ($250)

Over $1,500 in value, NOW for $498.00.


So often we aim too low, and sometimes we aim too high! You say I want to lose 50 pounds in the next 12 weeks! No, you don’t. You want this weight loss to be sustainable, so we have to focus on creating healthy habits.

Innovating your habits with the power of one. I am going to be sharing with you a process called the one amazing habit, and how you can integrate this one habit that makes all the other habits kick into place.

If you don’t have a deeper purpose behind your health goals, you will fall flat. Dig Deep to find your purpose and attach them to your goals.

Implement a different way to look at our foods. Unconscious and subconscious. We are going to detach from emotional eating and attach to looking at food as energy.

You have held onto beliefs about your self that just aren’t true anymore — they are outdated! It’s tine to let those bags go.

How you speak to yourself is not always like your best friend! IT is time to start being aware of how you talk to yourself because what you say helps build trust and confidence within yourself.

How to function in external places! So often we are inundated by our surrounding and the influence they have around on us. You want to be able to live through that in a healthy way.

Disciple is not a negative word! How you were disciplined as a kid can cause you to rebel against discipline. If someone tells you to do something, you are going to want to do the opposite. We are going to help you reframe that.

What does forgiveness have to do with me getting in shape? Well, let’s start with the foods you ate this week and being accountable for it. there’s a lot of deeper emotional stuff we tend to hold on to and cause us to eat for the wrong reason. We aren’t just working on the symptoms anymore but the cause of the problem! And relieve yourself of those things.

Of course! We are starting a new chapter, and you can start this new chapter feeling like you accomplished so much.

Traditional Program Prices vs. The Change Your Life Up Challenge

If your attempts at building good habits aren't working, aren't you just throwing money down the drain?

Traditional Fitness Costs



The cost of doing nothing: priceless

Gym membership: $60/mo
Extra classes: $40/mo
Personal Training: $250/mo
Online Work-Out Programs: $10/mo
Health Supplements: $50/mo
Extra Costs of Fad Diets: $70/mo


The Change Up Your Work & Life Challenge

2 payments of $275.00 or 1 payment of $498.00


12 Expert Training Classes on Video ($600)
A full color Mind-Body Weight Loss Guide ($50)
A Coach that Meets you Where you are Starting from ($850)
Mindset Audio mp3's that are a SERIOUS game Changer ($199) 

Over $1,500 in value, NOW for $498.00.

You Can Start Downloading Your Hypnosis Audios Right Away! 


Are you in? 

Ready to change up how you do life?

No more falling off-track, or looping in old-patterns. This is a science-proven methodology that targets your subconscious setpoints and creates breakthroughs that change your life.

Within the 12 pillars of mindset success you’ll develop sustainable skillsets with my proven Mind-Body F.I.T. Method system. Reveal, Release mental blocks, and Recode your mindset now!

Oh those darn mental blocks! Say goodbye to them forever


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