Corona Crisis Throw You Off? Yes, Now What?

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2020

The YES AND principle of Improv. Yes the Crisis is here and what are you going to do about it?

How you respond will determine your future. It's time to trim the fat from your life and get focused. There are several areas of your mindset you'll want to observe. What's your mindset about your money, your health, your family and faith?

This pandemic has been a big REVEALER for many people. It reveals things in your life that may have needed attention. For example... Are you as healthy as you could be? Have you been overspending and don't have savings to float you? Are you realizing you haven't spent quality time with your family in a while? Have you been distant from your friends or community?



What position have you been in?

  • Fetal Position
  • Prayer Position
  • Pro-Active Position



Okay, so what now? It's a vital time you get bold, TRUST YOURSELF and make new decisions. Moving forward, the best way to create a new normal is with a ROUTINE.

A great productivity hack is using the "How It Feels" exercise in the video. Use this mindset exercise to get yourself into a routine that produces desirable results.

An important factor I talk about in the video is, never to confuse your skillsets with your WORTHINESS. In moments like this, it counts that you put yourself out there. Don't bleed the lines by doubting your worthiness and take away from your skillsets.

Lastly, make a commitment to yourself to uplevel from PRODUCTIVITY to PURPOSEFULNESS. There is a big difference. Productivity can be robotic and lead to burn out whereas purposefulness is a SUPERPOWER.

Growth work:

Take a moment of self-reflection to recognize what this crisis has REVEALED in your life.

1) Make a list of skillsets you can leverage or develop.

2) Make a commitment to yourself to follow through in getting healthier.

3) Leverage your inner-spirit for the power of INTENTION

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