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April 30th, 12:30-3:30pm pacific 

Limited Seating.


$125.00 / Early bird $78.00


"Hi DeAnna! I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciated your event. I’ve gained SO much clarity around my reason for public speaking anxiety since your Advanced Self-Hypnosis training - it’s incredible! Training myself not to be anxious was one thing. But understanding why and retraining my subconscious to think differently before anything else is just supremely powerful. Can’t thank you enough! - Amy A, "

Amy A.

Design Your Mind with What You Need to Succeed

Join us for Education and Breakthroughs using advanced Self Hypnosis and HNLP techniques. 

As you move life and business forward, consider the vital importance of commanding your mind and body for overall performance. 

  • Have you experienced anxiety and stress?
  • Impostor syndrome or self doubt? Over-thinking?
  • Trouble trusting your decisions?
  • Has your body suffered?
  • Stress eating?
  • Stuff in the back of your head sometimes ruling your thoughts? 

In this class learn powerful and practical tools to help you gain control of your mind and maintain a focus on your life's inspirations, values and intentions. 

De'Anna Nunez is known for making learning fun. With extensive experience in Hypnosis, her workshops are designed to be hearted-connected and packed with takeaways.

Learn, practice and implement Hypnotic neuroscience techniques

  • Quick and Easy Formula for Improved Focus
  • Sleep better
  • Techniques of Visionary Goal Setting
  • A Habit Hack That Can Double Productivity
  • Improved Confidence
  • Advanced Healthy Weight Auto-suggestion
  • Anxiety and Stress Management Self Hypnosis techniques


Hypnosis in Action

Is it REAL? A legitimate and often asked question. I'll be demystifying the process and teaching you the strategies I've used with thousands of people.


Reserve your seat now at Advanced Self Hypnosis for Visionary Business Leaders. And, Design Your MInd With What You Need To Succeed.


"De'Anna is great! I love how she brings hypnosis into the every day. Every time I've seen her speak, I find a new way to think about how I'm "hypnotizing myself" in my life, and how to make a simple tweak to improve things. I've started sleeping better after hearing her talk using this technique, and most recently I strengthened my confidence in a business decision that was underway. "

Alegra Lowenstein
Author of Kitchen Magic, It's Not About the Food and more!

Advanced Self Hypnosis Techniques for Visionary Business Leaders









"In De'Anna's workshop I learned the real value of hypnosis. She took the gimmicky nonsense out of it and created a safe place to learn and explore the subconscious and how to breakthrough deep patterns and beliefs. I had a breakthrough around my beliefs about money - so very grateful! I highly recommend attending this workshop with De'Anna"

Vanesse Wilde
Founder of O Improv

" Entrepreneurs across the spectrum would do well to further develop their grasp of the psychological arts."

Forbes Magazine on Hypnosis for Business

Your Accredited Hypnosis Instructor, De'Anna Nunez

De'Anna Nunez is one of America's leading interactive-learning speakers. Having successfully contracted over 1,000+ presentations and rocked the stage for Fortune 500 companies, The U.S. Marine Corps, Norwegian Cruise Lines and large organization events such as the National Boy Scout Jamboree, edutaining over 10,000 Boy Scouts, De'Anna has garnered extensive experience leading audiences through signature Hypnosis processes that engage, motivate and increase focus.

Her expertise in the subconscious facets of success have garnered a variety of results including health initiative programs where women professionals shed up to 100lbs, working with CSuite executives to internalize company values and helping entrpreneurs breakthrough money mindset blocks and confidence.


Learn the mind-science necessary to breakthrough subconscious strongholds and implement techniques that predict future success. $125.00 / Early bird $78.00 (expires April 29th) LIMITED SEATING. April 30th at 12:30pm-3:30pm pacific


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