"De'Anna fills the room with energy and has a gift connecting with people."

- Merrilee Neal, Susan G. Komen



De'Anna has contracted with...

"She really connected well with our employees. Wonderful enthusiasm. We loved her.""

Keenan Stockton
President, First State Bank of Texas

"There are many speakers out there and then there is De'Anna Nunez. One of the most talented and highly skilled speakers I have ever seen and an amazing breakthrough coach. What I love most about De'Anna is she actually walks the walk and her content is so helpful for executives and team members across all business segments. If you are looking for a speaker who knows how to connect with the hearts and minds of your team members and offers tools they can actually implement immediately, then you came to the right place. "

Violet Rainwater
Speaker Manager, Speaker & Trainer, Mental Health Advocate

"The visualization techniques she took us through and linking back to our team meeting goals were absolutely fantastic."

Laurie Robbins Miller
Vice President of Human Resources, Alliance Healthcare Services



What breakthroughs can happen in your business, your well-being, and your life when you live with True Courage?

 It's that powerful question De'Anna proposes to her audience as she invites them to explore the inner wonders of their mind.

You Don't Need More Confidence, you need True Courage.

With the moon rising over the lake, it assures me I’m not alone. It’s just getting dark. With my trusty Brooke’s running shoes I begin the first step of an all-night 75-mile run around Lake Tahoe. There are 148,763 steps ahead of me. But, if I think about that and analyze it, I may never start. So, I do what I’ve trained to do, and that is, stay in the step I’m in with courage and a vision guiding me. My chest and belly have that familiar fluttery feeling of nervousness, but I've learned how to transmute fear into courage and use it as the motivation to live beyond self-imposed limitations. 

De'Anna recognized she'd had courage all along, sometimes ignoring it and living in fear and anxiety while other times it drove her to many successes in life, even nurturing her through her biggest losses and providing her the resilience to carry on.

The courage to keep growing, and keep learning. Keep showing up for yourself, for your team, and your loved ones.

Who might you become as a result of practicing True Courage?

Through energetic and often humorous storytelling accompanied by impactful takeaway techniques, learners tap into their most empowered version of themselves. De'Anna's presentations are an interactive experience with practical tools for audiences to implement in their lives.

3 Experiential Techniques

In De'Anna's presentation, audiences are guided to FEEL the state-of-mind shift as they tap into their most empowered version of themselves.

100% Belief State

Beyond the analytical mind, the alpha and theta brainwaves exist

Release Technique

Learn how to get on the other side of stress, anxiety, worry in 5 minutes or less. 

The Courage Center

Activate the Courage Center of the brain - the subgenual anterior cingulate cortex (sgACC)

"She had the entire ballroom enthralled."

-Mercury Insurance

  • De'Anna has contracted 83 Professional Presentations to the US Marine Corps.

Sgt. Major Max Garcia, says, " De'Anna is someone I feel everyone needs to know about, and the results of working with her warrant my highest recommendation."


  • Author of Mind Body F.I.T. LIfe on Amazon
  • Board Certified Hypnotist
  • Board Certified Trainer of Hypnotists by the ICBCH
  • Board Certified Humanistic Neurolinguistic Psychology Practitioner
  • Practitioner Certified in Peak Performance Training
  •  Finisher of 25 full marathons
  • Finisher of 6 Ultra Marathons
  • Finisher of 100+ Half Marathons

De'Anna Nunez, Cht. conducts a Private Hypnotherapy office in Del Mar, CA / Workshops / Group Programs / Private Sessions. She is a Member of the Del Mar Village Association, Member of the Solana Beach Chamber of Commerce and  and Board Member of NAWBO San Diego (National Association of Women Business Owners)



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